How To Get Sea-Breeze Shield TotK (Wind Waker Shield)

how to get sea breeze shield totk

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, the latest entrant in Nintendo’s iconic franchise, offers players an opportunity to rediscover a plethora of artifacts from Link’s storied history, one of which is the Sea-Breeze Shield, a shield made popular in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

This article will guide you on your journey to acquire this cherished piece of equipment so you too can wield a remnant from a fan-favorite entry into the franchise.

How To Get Sea-Breeze Shield Tears Of The Kingdom

The Sea-Breeze Shield carries a piece of Hyrule’s naval heritage, having been designed to resemble that of a boat. Not only does it come with a decent defense rating, but its aesthetic charm is undoubtedly a bonus, making it a favorite amongst Zelda enthusiasts.

To find the Sea-Breeze Shield, you’ll need to navigate to the Tabahl Grove, located east of the Sekioam Lightroot in the Depths. This area is known for its abundant Evermean tree growth so keep a lookout for those. However, it is in one of these non-animated trees where you will find the Sea-Breeze Shield.

sea breeze shield location totk

The specific tree you’re looking for is distinctive – it’s a large, hollow tree trunk, making it unique compared to its surrounding brethren. Approaching this hollow tree, you will notice a treasure chest nestled inside.

These chests are often a source of valuable artifacts and this one does not disappoint. Inside this chest, you will find the coveted Sea-Breeze Shield, just waiting to be added to your inventory.

sea breeze shield totk

Alternatively, if you have the Toon Link amiibo, you can scan it in and have a chance for this shield to drop, removing all of the leg work.

The beauty of Tears of the Kingdom lies not only in its massive world, engaging story, and challenging puzzles, but also in its countless nods to previous Zelda titles. The Sea-Breeze Shield serves as one of these cherished throwbacks to Link’s earlier adventures on the high seas in The Wind Waker.

In conclusion, acquiring the Sea-Breeze Shield in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom requires a journey to the Tabahl Grove and a keen eye for distinctively large, hollow trees.

Once there, the shield awaits you in a treasure chest inside the tree, ready to enhance your defensive capabilities and, of course, your style quotient.

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