DMZ Bombing Run Mission: How to complete

dmz bombing run mission

Typically in Call of Duty games, the sole purpose, or the way to win in matchups is to kill more opponents than the other team. However, with the all-new DMZ mode introduced with Warzone 2, there are a bunch of other mechanics on offer that you may want to focus on instead of simply racking […]

How many players in DMZ matches?

dmz maximum lobby size

If you’ve had the chance to jump into the all-new DMZ mode, we’re sure you’re aware of the tension-filled looting and extraction mechanics that come along with it. While the map of Al Mazrah is littered with AI soldiers for you to take down when completing various missions and objectives, there are also real player-controlled […]

When is the next Dark and Darker playtest?

dark and darker playtest

With the rise of looting and extraction games, there’s no surprise that more and more developers are jumping on the hype train. Dark and Darker, the latest addition to the genre, has caught the attention of many with its Tarkov-like mechanics but vastly different medieval setting. To coax players into trying this game, the developers […]

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Rotom Phone Cases: How to get

pokemon lets go rotom phone case

The time for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet is now and with it comes a whole bunch of new mechanics, environments, and much more. One aspect in particular that has been expanded on in Scarlet and Violet is customization, offering players various options in that area. In this guide, we’re going to be focusing on the […]

Is The Forest cross platform or cross play? 

the forest cross platform

Is The Forest cross platform? A question on many a gamer’s lips thanks to its multiplayer functionality. As many games of today have the ability to play with both friends and randoms cross platform, between new gen and previous gen consoles, as well as PC, any new game that has an imminent release should possess […]

How to restart Pokemon Sun and Moon

How to reset Pokemon Sun and Moon

If you’re playing Pokemon Sun or Moon on the Nintendo 3DS and want to scrap your save file because you might fancy changing your character’s name, want to try a new starter Pokemon, or simply just want to play through the game again, you’re going to need to know how to reset Pokemon Sun and […]

How to revive in Dark and Darker

how to revive dark and darker

Dark and Darker is a ruthless experience that pits you against not only AI monsters but also other players that may simply be more equipped than you are in the heat of battle. One way in which you can gain advantage though is through playing with a squad, allowing for the numbers to be in […]

Dark and Darker Soul Heart: What does it do?

dark and darker soul heart

If you’re in the latest Dark and Darker playtest, you’ve likely encountered the Soult Heart item when playing with a squad. The Soul Heart is somewhat mysterious if you’re new to Dark and Darker but it is actually one of the most critical items in the game if you want to a successful team extract. […]

Dark and Darker leaderboard: How does it work?

dark and darker gold

Leaderboards in games certainly inspire competition and almost entice you into playing those that have them for longer, in hopes that you can climb to that elusive top spot. Thankfully, in Dark and Darker, the developers, Ironmace, have decided to put one in, allowing you to hack and slash your way up the ranks. The […]

Is there a Dark and Darker solo queue?

dark and darker solo queue

Dark and Darker is one of those experiences that sucks you back in time and time again thanks to its looting and extraction mechanics. What’s particularly important to a successful extraction, however, is the teamwork aspect of the game, an integral part of fending off monsters and other players. Due to this, if you’re not […]