How To Dive in Skyward Sword

how to dive in skyward sword

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In the more modern Zelda games, there’s usually some form of water involved with Link having to figure out various puzzles, or to simply provide you with the opportunity to pick up some important items.

Now, in Skyward Sword, learning how to dive is a relatively simple process but, you’re ill prepared, you’re going to be a little confused when it comes to actually trying to get Link’s head under the surface due to prerequisites you have to complete.

With this article, we’ll take you through those prerequisites and all the steps for how to dive in Skyward Sword so you can go underwater hunting to your heart’s content.

How To Dive in Skyward Sword

The following steps will take you through how to dive in Skyward Sword and there’s one important part in particular you need to pay close attention to - getting the Water Dragon’s Scale. This is an essential item that needs to be acquired which, in turn, allows you to actually get diving. Let’s break it down.

Head to the Faron Woods Silent Realm

Go to Farore’s Silent Realm in Faron Woods and start the trial.

faron woods silent realm

Collect 15 Farore Tears

During the trial you will have to find and collect Farore Tears. Collect all 15 to be awarded with the Water Dragon’s Scale.

farore tears

Head to a body of water

Now, with the Water Dragon’s Scale in hand, go to a body of water that looks like it can be dove into.

skyward sword water

Press Down on the D-Pad or use a Downward Swing if you’re using motion controls

Use Down on the D-Pad (or a Downward Swing if using motion controls) to get diving to your heart’s content!

how to dive in skyward sword

Final Word

And there we have it, you should now know how to dive in Skyward Sword! A pretty simplistic process but if you didn’t know that you needed the Water Dragon’s Scale, we can imagine you being very confused as to what needed to be done.

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