How to Defeat Skulltula in Skyward Sword

how to defeat Skulltula in skyward sword

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If you’ve made it to Skyfall Temple in Skyward Sword, you’re certainly come across one enemy type that’s particularly tricky to handle. These enemies are Skulltula and you can’t just swing a sword at them and hope for the best, you will, in fact, have to employ a certain strategy to defeat Skulltula in Skyward Sword.

This article will take you through what steps are required for how to defeat Skulltula in Skyward Sword so you get through the tricky Skyview Temple and advance further in the story.

How to Defeat Skulltula in Skyward Sword

Due to Skulltula being both airborne and on the ground, it is quite difficult to know how to go about getting to the weak spot of the creatures. Follow the below steps and you should be able to defeat Skulltula with ease.

Locate the Skulltula weak spot

The Skulltula weak spot is on the underbelly of the creatures.

skullta weak spot

Use Horizontal Slash or Upward Slash

If the Skulltula is hanging from the ceiling use the Horizontal Slash technique (push the right joystick left or right or move left or right for motion controls), or if it’s on the floor, use the Upward Slash technique (push the right analogue stick up or move the Joy-Cons in an upward motion) to expose the weak spot.

horizontal slash

Use Thrust or Fatal Blow

Now the Skulltula weak spot is exposed, it’s time to finish it off. Use the Thrust technique (pressing the right joystick or thrusting forward for motion controls) if it’s hanging from the ceiling, or the Fatal Blow technique (push up, down, up on the right analogue stick or shake both Joy-Cons down) if it’s on the floor.

defeat skullta

Final Word

And that’s it, you now know how to defeat Skulltula in Skyward Sword! Good luck traversing Skyview Temple and getting rid of those spiders!

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