Best External SSD for Xbox Series X in 2021

Best Xbox Series X External SSD

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The Xbox Series X, like the PS5, is next generation gaming in its true form showcasing 4k resolution paired with up to 120 FPS support. However, with games getting larger and larger, as are the sizes of the downloads, so the internal storage space of that 1TB Xbox Series X SSD is filled up rapidly.

Luckily, Microsoft has enabled external storage from launch with the Xbox Series X thus enabling you to pick up an external SSD for your console. In this article, we’ll be taking you through the best external SSD for your Xbox Series X, giving you a few options including best value external SSD and budget external SSD, ensuring you’re well informed on the storage expansion you should buy.

Best SSD for Xbox Series X

Best Xbox Series X SSDSeagate-Storage-Expansion-Card-for-Xbox-Series-X-S-1TB-Solid-State-Drivename
Best Value Xbox Series X SSDSeagate-Barracuda-Fast-SSD-1TB-External-Solid-State-Drive-Portablename
Best Budget Xbox Series X SSDSAMSUNG-T7-Portable-SSD-500GBName

Best Xbox Series X SSD


Seagate Storage Expansion Card

The best external SSD for Xbox Series X? Do you need to look any further than an SSD specifically created for the console? The Seagate Storage Expansion Card is exactly that, working in perfect harmony with the Xbox Series X’s internal SSD to provide a seamless experience that a HDD simply could never achieve.

The way Seagate has managed to accomplish this is through being the only SSD to replicate the Xbox Velocity Architecture which provides faster load times, richer environments, and more immersive gameplay overall. It also enables you to take advantage of the Quick Resume function of the Xbox Series X even with games stored on this drive which again, is not able to be duplicated by other variants.

Looking at the expansion card itself, it’s extremely compact, slotting right into the slot on the back of the Xbox Series X saving any messing about with cables dangling down from your machine.

This expansion card will net you 1TB of additional storage, doubling the amount of lightning quick space for your Xbox Series X, bumping up the number of games you can have on your system dramatically. You could opt for higher terabyte options that are on sale but 1TB should certainly tide you over for the time being.

Best Value Xbox Series X SSD


Seagate Barracuda Fast 1TB SSD

Want some serious specs but don’t want to sacrifice hundreds of dollars on an external SSD? That’s where the Seagate Barracuda Fast 1TB SSD comes in. Yes, it’s another Seagate option and that’s not because of the partnership with Microsoft but because this external SSD still boasts those high read/write speeds while not costing an arm and a leg.

The Seagate Barracuda Fast 1TB SSD uses very similar architecture to that of the Expansion Card above obviously lacking those added extra integrations but still has that quality your Xbox Series X can lock onto. You’ll also receive three years warranty which is fantastic, removing the worries of you having to replace a failing SSD out of your own pocket.

Its tile-like compact design is also extremely impressive not only looking good but also being small enough for you to literally slip in your pocket if you need to take it elsewhere. Moreover, the green light that’s emitted from the casing falls right in line with that Xbox branding and should fit right into your gaming setup.

Best Budget Xbox Series X SSD


Samsung T7 500GB Portable SSD

The Xbox Series X is going to cost you a bunch as it is so adding an external SSD on top of that could put a strain on that wallet. So, knowing what the best budget external SSD for Xbox Series X is could be exactly what you need. The Samsung T7 500GB Portable SSD is an excellent choice for a budget external SSD due to its fantastic speeds and that Samsung layer of quality setting it apart from other budget options.

Looking initially at those speeds, you’ll be able to take advantage of reads of 1,050 MB/s and writes of up to 1,000 MB/s which are up to 9.5 times faster than what you’d expect from an external hard drive. Don’t worry about these incredible speeds leading to overheating due to the Dynamic Thermal Control Samsung has built into this drive, pretty much ensuring against failure.

While you probably won’t be caring too much about the design of the SSD itself, it comes in a very compact form factor and a with a shock-proof shell withstanding drops of up to 6ft. These two come together to allow you to tuck it nicely away in your setup or for you to take it out and about, potentially to a friend’s house without having to redownload all your games on that machine.

So, what are the downsides? Well, there’s no external SSD that’s going to compete with the Seagate Storage Expansion Card so there’s that but, there’s also the fact that this is a 500GB variant. That means you’re looking at half the storage you’ll get from the other options listed. On the flip side though, this is the ‘budget’ choice here and if you do want to increase to 1TB, Samsung do offer this at a very reasonable price.

Things To Consider

Storage Capacity

One of the main things to consider when picking up any external storage is the capacity you’re going to receive. As stated previously, the games of today are only increasing in size so gone are the days of you getting by on a few gigabytes. We’d probably recommend at least a 500GB SSD for the Xbox Series X and next-gen gaming in general as you’ll be able to store a bunch of games on there and not have to worry about uninstalling and reinstalling titles.



Seagate Storage Expansion Card

Overall, it really can’t be questioned that the Seagate Storage Expansion Card isn’t the best external SSD for Xbox Series X. It’s designed specifically for the system and provides all the benefits that the internal drive does. But, this does come at a bit of a premium compared to other models so it’s your decision on whether you want to spend that little extra on the top selection. Both our value and budget external SSD picks are really great options and still deliver when it comes to gaming on your next-gen console so we certainly wouldn’t shy away from picking one of these up if the Seagate Storage Expansion Card is unachievable.

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