Does the Xbox Series X have Ethernet?

does the xbox series x have ethernet

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With any new console generation, there’s always going to be changes to the formula both in terms of the hardware inside the machine as well as the exterior look and feel. This is especially true with the new Xbox iteration – the Xbox Series X which moves away from the traditional low profile rectangle design and looks more in line with a PC tower.

As we move more and more towards a fully wireless world, a question that has been asked by many is does the Xbox Series X have Ethernet? So today, we’ll be answering that query along with the limits the console has in this area.

Does the Xbox Series X have Ethernet?

The short answer is yes, the Xbox Series X still supports an Ethernet connection and the port is located on the back of the console in between the power and USB slots.

If you’re looking to get the best ethernet connection for your Xbox Series X, we recommend you pick up at least a CAT6 cable as a cable of this ilk allows for up to gigabit connection speeds. While you might not have these speeds at this current moment, you might further down the line and it’s better to be prepared.

If you are in the market for an Ethernet cable for your Xbox Series X, check out our best Ethernet cable for Xbox Series X article in which we provide you with some top selections as well as a whole host of information to improve that cable knowledge.

What Ethernet speeds does the Xbox Series X support?

As previously mentioned, we recommend you use at least a CAT6 cable for your Xbox Series X and this is mainly due to the fact that the console itself supports up to a gigabit connection via Ethernet. If you have an internet connection faster than this (which seems to be only a myth right now), it will max out at 1 Gbps and no more.

We hope that this quick and simple piece has helped you with your Xbox Series X Ethernet question and you can get to gaming on that wired connection once again.

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