As with all tech, there’s always a chance that they can become faulty thus needing to be factory reset to hopefully solve any problems you’re experiencing. Moreover, you might simply want to do a factory reset due to buying second hand so you can have that fresh, out of the box experience. This is similarly true with games consoles, more specifically the Xbox One. You might need to know how to factory reset an Xbox One because of the above reasons or maybe you’re prepping to remove all of your data on the console and selling thanks to the next-gen Xbox Series X.

Usually, there’s a pretty straightforward process to factory resetting devices, going into settings and deleting all your data. With the Xbox One, there are actually a number of ways to factory reset the console no matter if you own the original Xbox One, Xbox One S, or Xbox One X. One of these methods requires no on-screen menuing so those of you that have an Xbox One in a sorry state, you should be able to factory reset no matter what.

How to factory reset Xbox One

A complete factory reset will delete all of your data and fully reset your Xbox One as it was from being manufactured. However, you can customize this factory reset to keep some of your installed files etc. but we’ll get onto that in the methods below. If you don’t want to perform a full factory reset and are just looking to restart your console to see if that solves your issues, a soft reset may be your answer. To do this, simply hold down your Xbox One’s power button for 15 seconds and wait for it to be fully off

Now, let’s into the actual factory resetting steps.

How to factory reset Xbox One from the dashboard

If your Xbox One is in a working state and just experiencing slight glitches or you’re just looking to factory reset your console to remove personal data, you should be able to perform the factory reset from your dashboard. Here’s how:

How to factory reset Xbox One with a USB flash drive

Before attempting to factory reset your Xbox One with a USB flash drive, you’ll first need to make sure it’s compatible. You’ll need a USB flash drive that has at least a 4GB capacity and is completely empty. You’ll also have to format your flash drive to NTFS which you can do in File Explorer. Once that’s all prepped, let’s get into the steps.

That’s all there is to factory resetting your Xbox One console. You now know how to factory reset your Xbox One via the dashboard and with a USB flash drive. If you encounter any problems along the way, you may want to contact Microsoft support to see if there may be an issue with your Xbox One console.

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