Best Gaming Setup for Xbox One 2021: Ultimate Guide

Best Gaming Setup for Xbox One Ultimate Guide

When getting into a gaming mindset you’re going to want a full setup to allow you to be fully immersed and that’s why we’re going to be detailing the ultimate guide for the best gaming setup. This best gaming setup is going to be focused around console players, more specifically, for those who own the Xbox One.

Not only will you be wanting the best products for your gaming setup, you’re going to need the full experience, including RGB lighting and accessories. Luckily for you, with this ultimate guide, we will be listing some of the best products to make your friends and family jealous of your gaming setup, alongside the necessary equipment to give it that essential flair.

Best Gaming Setup for Xbox One 2020


Best Xbox One Console – Microsoft Xbox One X 1TB




As this is the best gaming setup for Xbox One, you’re going to want the best version of the console. The Xbox One X is certainly the best variant from Microsoft along with being by far the most powerful. The Xbox One X comes with 1TB of internal storage which is 500GB above the base model alongside 16GB of RAM for processing power, double that of the PS4 Pro. The Xbox One X is also surprisingly the smallest edition coming in at 11.8 x 9.4 x 2.4 inches which is great for those who have limited space.

Best Xbox One Monitor – LG 27UL500-W Monitor




A monitor that gives you the best possible viewing experience for you games is an extremely tricky task. LG however, have manufactured a 4k gaming monitor that comes close to perfection. The LG 27UL500-W has a 27 inch screen which may seem a little large for some but we think this is the optimum screen size for maximum immersion. This 4k IPS display offers up 98% color gamut coupled with freesync technology which makes for vibrant hues and next to no screen tearing.

Best Xbox One Controller – Xbox Elite Series 2 Controller




The Elite Series 2 Controller is the potentially best controller out there and that’s why it needs to be in your gaming setup for Xbox One. The controller itself has an array of customization options including the thumbsticks, back paddles, and triggers enabling you to tailor the controller to your specific playstyle. The difference in quality and the overall feel in the hand compared to the regular Xbox One controller is significant, and this alone may even sway you in purchasing one.

Best Xbox One Headset – Turtle Beach Stealth 700




Turtle Beach is known in the gaming industry for producing some of the best headsets around both for your average gamer and esports pros. The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Wireless Headset is one of their latest triumphs, making it a must-have in your gaming setup for Xbox One. This wireless headset features full Xbox One compatibility so there’s no need to plug in any additional receivers or wires to ensure it functions. Additionally, the sound quality of this headset is almost unparalleled with the included Windows Sonic technology,  the virtual surround sound provides fantastic immersion in your favorite AAA games.

Best Xbox One Accessory – Microsoft Xbox Play And Charge Kit




This might come as a slight surprise to some but we’ve thought of everything you need in your gaming setup for Xbox One, and that means batteries. The Xbox Play And Charge Kit is an absolute necessity for long gaming sessions, allowing you to avoid searching for batteries in the heat of battle. Also, because it is officially licensed, you know you’re getting a top quality battery that’ll last, rather than taking the chance on a cheap, less reliable alternative.

Best Xbox One External Hard Drive – Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive




Even though the Xbox One X that we detailed earlier does come with 1TB worth of storage at stock, the AAA games of today are getting larger and larger so a little increase in storage may be required. This Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive has been specifically designed and licensed for Xbox One, which ensures lag-free gaming, alongside plug and play USB 3.0 functionality. The compact form factor means it’ll fit next to, or even on top of your box, so won’t be out of place on your desk.

Best Xbox One Lighting – Govee Dreamcolor LED Strip




An LED backlight strip for your monitor is something you might not have considered for your gaming setup. It is, however, something that can make your experience that little bit better. This Dreamcolor LED light strip from Govee is perfect for the job. It showcases full RGB colors that can be customized with its proprietary app, as well as being powered through USB, you can simply plug it into one of the slots on the back of the Xbox One X.

Best Xbox One Gaming Chair – noblechairs Epic Gaming Chair




Being comfortable for long gaming sessions should be your top priority. With noblechairs’ Epic Gaming chair, you’re getting an ergonomically designed seat with extra thick faux leather and moulded cloud foam for maximum comfort and durability. The chair is also reclinable to up to 135 degrees coupled with adjustable armrests, so matching it to your specifications can be done with ease.

Honorable Mentions


Razer Turret for Xbox One, Keyboard and Mouse Bundle




The Razer Turret bundle makes it into our honorable mentions for the best gaming setup for Xbox One due to making games like Fortnite more accessible. With games such as Fortnite that require a lot of button presses, a keyboard and mouse can give you an advantage. This Razer bundle gives you an accurate, mechanical keyboard coupled with a high quality mouse specifically made for Xbox One, ensuring long-lasting durability and total compatibility with your favorite games.

Gunnar Optiks Gaming Glasses




Filtering blue light from your vision has been proven to help your eyes from becoming less tired and reducing long term damage. Gunnar Optiks’ Gaming Glasses utilize tinted lenses to block out said blue light to reduce eye strain when gaming thus enabling you to play longer and without fatigue. It is this reason why they make the honorable mentions list as they aren’t essential for the best gaming setup, but they can help your actual eye health.



When it comes to securing the best gaming setup for Xbox One there are a lot of different products that come together to form an experience you’ll truly be impressed by. From the Xbox One Console itself to the gaming chair you’ll be sitting in, it’s going to ooze quality, giving you a premium gaming setup that everyone will be jealous of now, and way into the future. You can however, choose to acquire some products from this list and not others to tailor it to your wants and needs. If you did build this gaming setup for your Xbox One, enjoy it, immerse yourself in the fantastic games of today.

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Jacob Woodward
Jacob Woodward
Jacob has had his head in games since owning the original Game Boy. His aim is to play most, if not all games as they release which perfectly informs his guide and feature writing.
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Jacob Woodward
Jacob Woodward
Jacob has had his head in games since owning the original Game Boy. His aim is to play most, if not all games as they release which perfectly informs his guide and feature writing.