Best Xbox One Accessories 2021 (Controller, Headset, Storage)

Best Xbox One Accessories 2020 Our Top Picks

When you think about gaming accessories you might be swaying toward the more handheld consoles for the best experience improving products. However, with home console gaming being a major staple, there is also a huge amount of accessories out there. More specifically, with the Xbox One being marketed as more of a one-box does all in terms of entertainment, you can make some nice little additions to make your gaming experience the best it can possibly be.

With this list of best Xbox one accessories, we have scoured the market for the top brands and most wanted addons, ensuring you can be as informed as possible before clicking that purchase button.

Best Xbox One External Hard Drive – Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive




If you’re a digital download fiend, you’re going to want a lot more storage than the stock Xbox One, Xbox One S, or even the Xbox One X. 2TB worth should enhance your storage enough to fit enough games to last you a while, and that’s why we’ve gone for this option from Seagate. The Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive has been specifically designed for Xbox, ensuring no lag whilst gaming, alongside plug and play USB 3.0 functionality. The compact design means you’re able to fit this into your setup with ease, coupled with the green color this HDD comes in, you can proudly fly that Xbox flag.

Alternatively, if you choose not to go for this external hard drive check out our top picks for the best Xbox One external hard drives.

Best Xbox One Controller – Official Xbox Elite Controller Series 2




The Xbox Elite Controller Series 2 is potentially one of the best first-party controllers ever made which means it more than deserves a spot on our Best Xbox One Accessories in 2020 list. The controller itself lends its vast customization options from companies like Scuf but with it being officially produced by Microsoft, you know you can’t go wrong. Moreover, the thumbsticks, back paddles, and triggers can all be tweaked, enabling you to tailor the controller to your specific needs. You also can’t mistake how it actually feels in the hand. The improved grips and soft-touch feel over the basic Xbox One Controller ooze premium, making holding the controller a joy, even on long gaming sessions.

Best Xbox One Headset – Turtle Beach Stealth 700




A top-quality headset for communications with your team, and immersing yourself in the vast worlds gaming developers create is a necessity. The Turtle Beach Stealth 700 Wireless Headset is certainly one of the top performers, making it a certain choice for this list of Best Xbox One Accessories in 2020. It’s fully wireless capable, meaning you can connect it directly to your Xbox One, avoiding any annoying wires and adapters. Additionally, with the included Windows Sonic technology, virtual surround sound gives you that edge when listening to those all-important enemy footsteps. Finally, because it’s made by Turtlebeach, you know you’re getting premium-quality and a product you know will last for years to come.

Best Xbox One Battery Pack – Microsoft Xbox Play and Charge Kit




Having rechargeable batteries for your Xbox One controller is almost a necessity and gives you that peace of mind that you don’t need to be scrambling in your drawers to find some spare AA batteries. With the official Xbox Play and Charge kit, you’re getting a fully compatible and reliable rechargeable battery pack that will endure even the longest of gaming sessions. Furthermore, with its fast charge functionality, you’ll have a fully charged battery pack within 4 hours, which is lightning quick compared to third party alternatives. The USB cable supplied also comes with a nice light, indicating that when the battery is fully charged which is a very welcomed aspect.

Best Xbox One Remote – Talon Media Remote Control for Xbox One




The Talon Media Remote more than deserves its spot on the Best Accessories for Xbox One list. While not being specifically for gaming, we know the Xbox One is seen as a more entertainment console, so viewing your favorite Netflix shows and Twitch streamers can be done with ease using this piece of kit. Additionally, you can use this without even touching the Xbox controller due to the inbuilt ABXY buttons on the remote itself, making your Xbox apps so much more easy to access from your sofa.

Honorable mentions

Xbox Live 12-Month Gold Subscription




The reason Xbox Live Gold Subscription is in the honorable mentions section is because is it really an accessory? Well, whether you think it is or isn’t, it’s most certainly necessary. An Xbox Live Gold Subscription is the thing that lets you play online with other gamers around the world, so if you dabble in multiplayer gaming, you need this. We recommend taking the 12-month subscription option as you’ll get a small discount based on buying it monthly and you will be less likely to let it expire, leaving you in the lurch.

Wireless Adapter for Windows 10




This isn’t strictly for the Xbox One itself but the Wireless Adapter for your controller is a brilliant accessory, especially if you mix between PC and console gaming. What this device does is allow you to use your Xbox One controller seamlessly and wirelessly on PC, avoiding any cables and third-party software. 


All in all, the range of Xbox One accessories on offer are not only useful but improve your overall gaming experience with the console. We’ve aimed to build a varied list that encompasses a variety of different needs you may have and the products we’ve chosen are of stellar build quality. Whether you go with the Xbox One Elite Controller or Talon Media Remote Control, we can be sure whatever accompanying products you pick will give your Xbox One that little bit extra functionality.

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Jacob Woodward
Jacob Woodward
Jacob has had his head in games since owning the original Game Boy. His aim is to play most, if not all games as they release which perfectly informs his guide and feature writing.
Jacob Woodward
Jacob Woodward
Jacob has had his head in games since owning the original Game Boy. His aim is to play most, if not all games as they release which perfectly informs his guide and feature writing.