Xbox Series X – Price, Release Date, and Where to Buy

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It’s official, the end is nigh for all the Xbox One variants as we gear up for the next-generation of consoles, more specifically, the Xbox Series X. As I’m sure you’re well aware by now, the Xbox Series X comes fully equipped with native 4k capabilities thanks to the 12 teraflops and 16GB of RAM making it the world’s most powerful console, something that Sony haven’t been able to topple this time round. It also boasts a compact form factor with a more box-like feel rather than the traditional low-height rectangle shape.

There’s been a bunch of rumors and leaks around the Xbox Series X release date and what it’ll cost but in this article, we’re going to go through all the officially confirmed information. We’ll be talking about the price of the Xbox Series X, when you’re likely to get your hands on it with the release date, and any links we have so you can get your order in for the next-gen console.

Xbox Series X Price

How much will the Xbox Series X cost? With many leaks floating around on the internet, there was a lot of speculation around the Xbox Series X price point. Thankfully, as of September 9th, these are rumors no more. The Xbox Series X will cost $499 in the US and Canada, and £449 in the UK, making it an extremely affordable next-generation system especially considering the performance the console offers.

This is a whole $200 (£200) more than the Xbox Series S, which was also fully unveiled but, that extra cash gets you pretty much double the specs coupled with a physical disk drive and larger custom SSD.

Xbox Series X Release Date

Alongside the price unveiling, the release date of the Xbox Series X was also confirmed. Again, a lot of leaks made the rounds with many suggesting the release date being November 13th. However, Microsoft has officially announced that the release date for the Xbox Series X will be November 10th, a little earlier than many expected but one that ties in with certain releases such as Destiny 2: Beyond Light which makes its way onto Game Pass.

Where to buy the Xbox Series X

If you don’t know where to buy the Xbox Series X and you’re looking to get your order in, we’ll be listing all of the links we have access to when preorders go live on September 22nd. So, be sure to check back then so you can be one of the first to preorder the Xbox Series X console. 

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