Gotham Knights – Trailer, Release date, and Where to buy

Gotham Knights announcement image

DC FanDome was an absolutely fantastic showcase of the upcoming stuff from DC Comics and one of the big reveals was of course Gotham Knights. With a number of entries already in the Arkham world, Rocksteady sat this one out and instead, is creating a Suicide Squad game, also announced at DC FanDome. WB Montreal is at the reigns this time and Gotham Knights looks like an impressive entry in the franchise.

Gotham Knights will allow you to control four of Batman’s team including Robin, Nightwing, Red Hood, and Batgirl to keep Gotham City safe after his death. You can either choose to run the game single-player or team up with one of your friends for a fully co-op experience, allowing you to level up individually and gain an equal share of XP. It seems you’ll be facing off against some old nemesis’ such as Mr. Freeze and some new faces like the Court of Owls and their expert assassins, the Talons.

Gotham Knights Trailer

We got a real insight into what Gotham Knights is going to look like story wise as well as gameplay wise thanks to the trailers shown at DC FanDome. Here are both the World Premiere trailer and Gameplay Walkthrough:

Gotham Knights World Premiere Trailer
Gotham Knights Gameplay Walkthrough

Gotham Knights Release Date

While we have a lot to go off in terms of Gotham Knights thanks to the trailers, we only got a snippet of the release date for the game. The release date for Gotham Knights shown was simply 2021, with no indication of month or day, a little unfortunate as you’d expect a shorter window to be detailed. We did, however, get an insight into the platforms it’ll be coming to. Gotham Knights will be available on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, PS4, PS5, and PC. This means, due to its release on the previous generation of consoles as well as the new generation, we’re hoping it’s early 2021 rather than something like Holiday 2021.

Where to buy Gotham Knights

If you’re looking to get your preorder in for Gotham Knights ahead of its 2021 release, there’s still no Amazon link to grab and therefore it’s just a waiting game. But, as soon as the links go live, we’ll get them in here so you can secure your copy of Gotham Knights.

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