How to upgrade items in Pokemon Unite

how to upgrade items in pokemon unite

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Pokemon Unite has mashed together everyone’s favorite monster battle franchise with the MOBA world, creating an addicting and competitive game. Like other MOBAs, there’s are upgrades galore in various different aspects whether that be for items or the Pokemon themselves.

In this article, we’ll be solely focusing on the item side of that, showing you all the steps you need to take for how to upgrade items in Pokemon Unite so that you can get those all important advantages and get your team over the line!

How to upgrade items in Pokemon Unite

So, how do you upgrade items in Pokemon Unite? Well, it’s actually not too hard but you will need to prepare some other aspects to do so. Let’s get into the steps.

Get to Trainer Level 9

Play matches increase your Trainer Level to 9.

pokemon unite trainer level

Get Aeos Tickets

The Aeos Ticket in-game currency is needed to upgrade items.

pokemon unite aeos ticket

Buy Item Enhancers

Use your Aeos Tickets to buy Item Enhancers. Ten Tickets is enough to buy one Item Enhancer.

pokemon unite item enhancer

Go to Battle Prep

After purchasing Item Enhancers go to the Battle Prep section. This can be accessed by going to the Main Menu and hitting X.

pokemon unite battle prep

Go to Held Items

After entering Battle Prep, go to the Held Items section.

pokemon unite held items

Upgrade Items

Upgrade your desired items using your Item Enhancers.

how to upgrade items in pokemon unite

Final Word

And that’s all there is to it! You should now know how to upgrade items in Pokemon Unite! Put those items to good use in your next Pokemon Unite ranked match and ensure you get that victory.

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