How to surrender in Pokemon Unite

how to surrender in pokemon unite

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MOBAs in general can be particularly competitive, so throw the much beloved Pokemon brand into the mix and you’ve got yourself even more intense battles. Pokemon Unite has certainly got its fair share of intense players, especially when you pit yourself against fellow fans in ranked matches.

This, therefore, means that sometimes you get to a point in the match where you simply can’t take any more of a beating thus wanting to get out as soon as possible. There is a way to get out of these awkward situations by choosing to surrender in Pokemon Unite so that you can get back to that title screen and get yourself in a hopefully more balanced matchup.

This article will take you through the steps you need to take for learning how to surrender in Pokemon Unite so that you’re able to get out of those one-sided games as soon as possible.

How to surrender in Pokemon Unite

So, you want to surrender your Pokemon Unite match either because you’re taking a beating or simply need to do something else. Surrendering is a pretty simplistic process but without knowing the steps, you might find yourself getting caught up in various menus. Let’s show you how.

Play five minutes of the match

In order to even begin to surrender, you must play five minutes of the match you’re currently in.

pokemon unite time

Open Scoreboard

After five minutes has passed, press X on your controller to bring up the scoreboard.

pokemon unite scoreboard

Open Settings

Press the - (minus) button to open up the Settings menu

pokemon unite settings surrender

Vote to Surrender

Choose the Surrender option to start the vote to surrender

vote to surrender pokemon unite

Team Votes

The rest of your team will now vote on whether to surrender. If this goes through, you will have surrendered your Pokemon Unite match.

how to surrender in pokemon unite

If your team does not vote to surrender, you have a further two chances to put this to vote in the duration of the match. However, there is a forty second cooldown in between these surrender votes so you’ll have to wait that time period before attempting again.

Final Word

So that’s all there is to it, you should now how to surrender in Pokemon Unite! We should say that surrendering should definitely be your last resort and something you don’t do often as this creates a poor competitive environment for the game. Additionally, there’s no saying you can’t come from behind and do a full reverse sweep on the opposing team, give it your best shot!

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