How to fish in Pokemon Sword and Shield

How to fish in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Unlike other Pokemon games, you actually get a fishing rod as you begin your journey through Pokemon Sword and Shield meaning you’ll get to cast your line out for those water Pokemon straight away. But, also unlike other Pokemon games, fishing in Pokemon Sword and Shield is a little different and requires a more specific process. So, here’s how to fish in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

How to fish in Pokemon Sword and Shield

You’re actually only able to fish when you see ripples in the body of water you’re next to rather than just using your fishing rod on any water source. If you see these ripples, you should also be able to see a circle in the water indicating a Pokemon ready for the taking.

If you face these ripples in the water you simply press the A button and you should see your character cast your fishing rod into the water. After casting the line, wait a few seconds and these ripples will become more apparent. Once this is happening press the A button again and your character will begin to reel it in.

You will now battle that Pokemon you ‘caught’ and have the opportunity to truly catch it once and for all.

One final thing, ensure you have Pokemon in your party that are of a similar level to the ones you’re catching and have a decent amount of HP as you will have to battle it out to get the Pokemon you just pulled in.

That’s all there is to it! You’ve just learned how to fish in Pokemon Sword and Shield! While it’s a little different to previous Pokemon game variants, it’s still relatively simple.

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