Best Monitor for PS5 2021 (120Hz, Curved, Budget)

Acer Predator XB273K and Samsung 32-Inch UR590C monitors

Best Monitor for PS5 2021 (120Hz, Curved, Budget)

Acer Predator XB273K and Samsung 32-Inch UR590C monitors

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So, you’ve just picked up the PS5 and you want to hook it up to a great monitor to be wowed by all the impressive visuals but, you’ve only got a 5 year old monitor. Well, you came to the right place because here you’ll find the best monitor for PS5 consoles whether you’re in the market for the best PS5 monitor money can buy or a more budget PS5 monitor because you blew all your cash on the console itself.

You want a new monitor for you PS5 but you need justification why. Well, there’s a number of reasons and here’s just a few. One, the PS5, like the Xbox Series X, is capable of 4k resolution, a big increase compared to the previous generation. Likely, you’re probably using a 1080p or 1440p monitor at best which therefore means that you won’t be able to experience the PS5 visuals in all their glory. Secondly, again, you’re likely to have a monitor that is lacking somewhat in the specs required by the PS5, this time in frame rate. The PS5 will be capable of up to 120 FPS which in turn means if you want those silky smooth frames, you’re going to need at least a 120Hz monitor to showcase this. There’s not too many 120Hz specific monitors out there but there are 144Hz monitors aplenty, giving you a number of options to choose from.

Best Monitors for PS5

Best PS5 Monitor Acer-Predator-XB273K-4k-monitor Acer Predator XB273K​
Best Curved PS5 Monitor Samsung-32-Inch-UR590C-4k-monitor Samsung UR590C​
Best Budget PS5 Monitor BenQ-EL2870U-4k-monitor BenQ EL2870U​

Best PS5 Monitor


Acer Predator XB273K

Do you want the best PS5 monitor on the market right now? Look no further than the 27-inch Acer Predator XB273K. It has pretty much everything you’d want out of a gaming monitor and one that a lot of eSports players use.

First up is the resolution. Thankfully, you’ll be able to see the PS5 in all its glory thanks to the Acer Predator’s 4k capabilities. 4k really is a big step up over 1080p and even 1440p, providing you with even further clarity and sharper details. Additionally, if you want extreme smoothness when turning or in fast combat scenarios, the Acer Predator XB273K has Nvidia G-Sync technology built in, an added bonus.

Now, building on that Nvidia G-Sync technology, is the all-important refresh rate. Of course, being the best monitor for PS5, it has to have a 120Hz+ refresh rate and it does. It actually supports up to 144Hz through overclocking therefore making it somewhat future proof if the PS5 manages to squeeze even more frames out of its games.

The only real downside to this monitor is that it doesn’t sport HDMI 2.1 tech so unfortunately you’re not going to be getting those 120 FPS in 4k, maxing out at 60 FPS. But, you’ll still be able to view these in 1080p and therefore can switch between the two modes if you so wish.

Best Curved PS5 Monitor


Samsung UR590C

While you might think a curved monitor is better suited for something like movie viewing or watching your favorite TV shows, they can also be incredibly immersive for gaming. Moreover, if you couple this with that crispy 4k resolution and it’ll certainly be a sight to behold. So, for the best curved PS5 monitor, look no further than the Samsung 32-Inch UR590C.

Initially, you might think that the 32-inch size might be a little sub-optimal for gaming but we think otherwise. It actually increases immersion and anything lower than this in a curved variant might not showcase a curved monitor’s true potential. Additionally, thanks to the inclusion of a 2500:1 contrast ratio and one billion colors, any game you’re playing is certainly going to ‘pop’ with the vibrancy this screen can offer.

So, what’s the downside to this incredible curved monitor for the PS5? Well, it does unfortunately max out at a 60Hz refresh rate which is sadly short of the max capabilities of the PS5. However, with no fantastic and budget-friendly HDMI 2.1 monitors out there, we think you’ll hardly miss it.

Best Budget PS5 Monitor


BenQ EL2870U

You’ve just dropped $400+ on your PS5 and your monitor budget is looking a little tight so you’re looking for the best budget PS5 monitor that also has 4k capabilities. The BenQ EL2870U should be your one and only option.

It sports excellent clarity and due to its TN panel nature, also has varying degrees of brightness and contrast. Additionally, with input lag of 1ms, you’re going to experience instantaneous response time, probably upping your chances of winning those 1v1 gunfights.

Worried about the effect on your eyes? The BenQ EL2870U not only has low blue light technology, it also has zero flicker, keeping your eyes feeling fresher for longer. This will aim to reduce your headaches after incredibly lengthy gaming sessions and probably increase the longevity of the screen too not being so bright constantly.

So, what’s the catch? Well, there’s no real downsides to picking up this budget PS5 monitor apart from the fact its refresh rate maxes out at 60Hz. As previously stated, this means you won’t be able to experience those 120 FPS but, with 4k resolution in its place, you’ll probably opt for the crispness over frames per second anyway.

Things To Consider

Refresh Rate

If you’re interested in getting silky smooth refresh rates, over that of the usual console trend, you’re going to need a PS5 monitor that has more than a 60Hz refresh rate. This is due to the PS5’s capabilities reaching up to 120 FPS, therefore you’re going to want a monitor that has the specs to showcase that.

However, while the PS5 has the ability to reach those lofty FPS heights, a lot of games will be hovering at the 60 FPS mark, especially in 4k so basically, if you want the best of the best, go for those high end monitors but if you’ll be happy with 60 FPS now, and into the future, maybe that’ll be the best avenue to go down and save a few dollars in the process.

HDMI 2.1

Sadly, we’re in a spot where little to no monitors on the market offer HDMI 2.1 support and therefore if you want those 4k 120 FPS levels you’re likely to be left wanting. However, if you’re not overly concerned with 4k for now, with a 120Hz+ supported monitor, you can still experience those silky 120 FPS levels while at 1080p resolution.



Acer Predator XB273K

If you want the absolute best monitor for the PS5 in 2020, it has to be the Acer Predator XB273K you’re getting an incredible screen that outputs a crystal clear image alongside 120 FPS support if you want those silky smooth frames. It not only looks the part but the build quality is fantastic too with its top tier stand and high quality materials. However, if you’re not too bothered about frame rates, maybe the BenQ EL2870U budget PS5 pick is the way to go for you as you’ll still be receiving that incredible 4k image but at a lot less cost.

If you purchase something through this post we may receive affiliate commission. For more info click here.

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