Best PS4 External Hard Drives 2021 (Seagate, WD)

Best PS4 External Hard Drives 2020 Our Top Picks

As Sony wants to keep costs down when making consoles, there is a little bit of a compromise when it comes to storage for all your games. In today’s digital world, you’re going to want more than the stock storage amount to not only fit the games you currently own, but all the updates and DLC that follow the initial release.

With this list of best PS4 external hard drives in 2020, we have scoured the market for the top brands and most wanted products, ensuring you can be as informed as possible before clicking that purchase button. Moreover, if you’re looking for a great setup for your PS4 check out our top picks in the best gaming setup for PS4.

We’ve opted for strictly using the 2TB options in this list of best PS4 external hard drives as we believe that this is the ideal for most gamers out there. With 2TB you should be able to fit plenty of AAA titles but if you are looking for even more storage, there are multiple storage variations from all the brands we’re featuring.

Best PS4 External Hard Drive – Seagate Game Drive 2TB




The Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive has been specifically designed for PS4, ensuring no lag whilst gaming, alongside plug and play USB 3.0 functionality. The compact design means you’re able to fit this into your setup with ease, coupled with the sleek PS4 colors and logo this HDD comes in, you can proudly fly that PS4 flag. Additionally, due to the small form factor and it being external, you can move it around to any other setups you may have around the house.

Best Reliable PS4 External Hard Drive – WD 2TB Gaming Drive




This gaming external hard drive from WD is another great choice for your PS4. It comes in colors similar to that of the PS4’s branding so it won’t look out of place in your setup, but it doesn’t look as sleek as the previously mentioned Seagate Game Drive. It offers a fast and easy plug and play setup and because it’s manufactured by WD, you know you’re getting great reliability. This one also comes with a 3 year limited warranty so if it does fail, you’re covered.

Best Designed PS4 External Hard Drive – WD_Black 2TB P10 Game Drive




This is the second entry for WD on this list of best PS4 external hard drives and for good reason. WD has come out with a whole new range of hard drives specifically targeted at gamers; WD_Black. This WD_Black range features a rugged but portable stealth black design alongside a high quality HDD optimized for consoles, making it a perfect pairing for your PS4. Like the other products listed, it is small and easily portable, making it good for those on the go gamers.

Best Rugged PS4 External Hard Drive – Silicon Power 2TB Rugged Portable




Silicon Power is a lesser known brand compared to the others on this best PS4 external hard drives list, but the Rugged Portable External Hard Drive more than does the job. It’s made from impressive military-grade shockproof materials and has IPX4 water-resistant protection so throwing this into your backpack shouldn’t be an issue. The aesthetics however are a little lackluster, being the least pleasing on the eye hard drive on this list with bright green surrounding strip and criss cross pattern. If you can move past the looks, this external hard drive is a great choice, at a very reasonable price.


All in all, you’re going to want an external hard drive for your PS4 that looks good but also provides the goods. While any of these external hard drives are a fantastic choice for storing all of you PS4 games on, we think opting for the officially licenced Seagate Game Drive for PS4 Systems is the best bet due to the fantastic reliability of Seagate, coupled with the PS4 branding, giving your setup the complete Playstation look. 

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