Best Ethernet Adapter for Nintendo Switch in 2021

best ethernet adapter for nintendo switch

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The Nintendo Switch is certainly a fan favorite in most, if not all gaming communities thanks to the impressive library of games available as well as the ability to pick up the system and take it anywhere you want to go. However, even though Nintendo has come on leaps and bounds when it comes to online play and the Switch itself utilizes WiFi, there are certainly still issues when you’re wanting to play your Nintendo Switch games online. That’s where Ethernet adapters come in.

Yes, if you didn’t know, you can in fact connect an Ethernet adapter to your Switch to play over LAN and secure yourself a speedy and stable connection. But, what are the best LAN adapters for your Nintendo Switch? Well, in this article, we’re going to be providing you with some stellar options for you to get yourself the best connection possible and get those Smash Bros. Ultimate wins.

How We Choose

While you might think that it’s a pretty simple task to pick up a good Ethernet adapter and especially one that works well with the Nintendo Switch. First off, there’s varying network speeds, which can massively trip you up, as well as compatibility problems with the Switch’s hardware.

For how we chose the best Switch Ethernet adapters, we focused on compatibility, how robust the device is, and the max network speeds you can push these things to so that you can be assured there’s no extra lag coming from your end.

Now, let’s get into the best Ethernet adapters for your Nintendo Switch.

Best Ethernet Adapters for Nintendo Switch

Best OfficialHORI Nintendo Switch LAN Adapter​HORI Nintendo Switch LAN Adapter​
Best ValueTP-Link USB to Ethernet AdapterTP-Link USB to Ethernet Adapter​
Best BudgetUGREEN USB Ethernet AdapterUGREEN USB Ethernet Adapter​

Best Official Ethernet Adapter for Switch

HORI Nintendo Switch LAN Adapter​

HORI Nintendo Switch LAN Adapter


  • Official
  • Switch aesthetics
  • Robust


  • USB 2.0

HORI, known for their excellent Switch controllers, also dabble in other peripherals and in this case, they’ve produced an excellent Ethernet adapter that’s perfect for your Nintendo Switch console.

Right off the bat, we can go ahead and say that this LAN adapter is officially licensed by Nintendo, providing that bit more trust that you’ll be getting what you’re paying for and it’ll work flawlessly with the system. Moreover, on the adapter itself, it has a nice little Switch logo which makes it that bit more aesthetically pleasing, especially if you’re placing it next to the standard Switch dock.

In terms of performance, it is advertised that the HORI LAN adapter will max out at 1 Gbps but unfortunately due to its USB 2.0 architecture, this is not the case and it will instead have a limit of 480Mbps. While this could be seen as a downside, when playing any title on your Switch, 480Mbps, is far and above what is required thus almost making any discrepancies a moot point.

The USB connector that slots right into your Switch dock is of a robust nature and is certainly well made overall. This is a big plus and something that other alternatives on the market seem to not follow suit, causing breakage after only little use or if the owner decides to take it on their travels.

Best Value Nintendo Switch Ethernet Adapter​

TP-Link USB to Ethernet Adapter

TP-Link USB to Ethernet Adapter


  • Flat cable
  • Up to Gigabit speeds
  • Cost effective


  • Third party device

Next up on this best Nintendo Switch Ethernet adapters list comes from the well known brand TP Link and provides all that you need in a cost effective and small form factor device.

Looking initially at the design of the TP-Link, it looks similar to that of the HORI listed above but offers a little more sleekness. The flat cable that links the Ethernet port to the USB connector is less prone to breakage and has a bit more ‘bend’ to it. Additionally, the rectangular portion holding the Ethernet port is less ‘boxy’ with a slimmer overall form factor. Like other Ethernet adapters though, the cable length is short and you’ll have to ensure that your attaching Ethernet cable is close enough to your Switch to get it plugged in.

In terms of speeds, you’ll be getting up to a Gigabit from this TP-Link Nintendo Switch Ethernet adapter which is fantastic and will go far above than what you’d get over WiFi. It’s simple to get up and running too, just plug it in and you’ll be good to go gaming online lag-free and getting those larger game downloads done in no time.

If you’re wanting an Ethernet adapter that’ll work not only on your Switch but also on other devices such as a laptop, this TP-Link variant will do that also. This makes it a perfect adapter if you’ve got multiple devices that need a LAN connection and don’t already have a port you can utilize.

Best Budget Nintendo Switch Ethernet Adapter

UGREEN USB Ethernet Adapter

UGREEN USB Ethernet Adapter


  • USB 3.0
  • Great price


  • Wire a little prone to breakage

UGREEN is a brand that is known for its budget but effective tech and the USB Ethernet Adapter that they manufacture is just that and does the job very well when it comes to the Nintendo Switch.

This LAN adapter is black in color, blending in with the Switch dock aesthetics, and sports the UGREEN logo directly on the main body of the device. It looks good on the eye and should fit right into your Switch setup. Again, the USB cable end is quite short in length but this is a trait shared by all of the other options listed and is pretty much an industry standard. The cable is your usual look and feel which is traditional but could be prone to breakage if consistently bent.

The technology that is utilized by the UGREEN USB Ethernet Adapter is USB 3.0 in which offers up Gigabit speeds. Like the TP-Link, this allows for extremely fast game downloads and almost ensures a lag-free online experience for the Switch.

All in all, this UGREEN Ethernet Adapter offers up a similar experience to that of the TP-Link all at a lower price point. It’s comes down to personal preference on design and if the flat cable is a deal breaker.

Things To Consider

Max Speeds

With any network related device, you’re always going to want to take into account the maximum speeds it is able to reach. This is similarly true for Switch ethernet adapters as you certainly don’t want to be limited when playing your games online.

As shown above, there are a few variations in max speeds but as a general rule, we suggest going no lower than the max capabilities of USB 2.0 just to ensure that you’re not going to experience lag.

Things To Consider

Ethernet ports are notoriously in awkward spots in homes so when you want to connect your Nintendo Switch over LAN, you’re going to need to consider how long of an adapter is required to get that connection up and running.

In the main, Switch Ethernet adapters aren’t the longest meaning that while you’re probably relying on the length of Ethernet cable to pick up the slack also. But, maximizing the reach of your adapter is something that is a necessity. Above are some of the longest compatible LAN adapters on the market so really, you’re not going to get any better than that.


Does any USB Ethernet adapter work with Nintendo Switch?

No, contrary to popular belief, Ethernet adapters are not completely universal and in the Switch’s case, only certain adapters can be used with the system. The model of Ethernet adapter you’re looking for is a AX88179 chipset adapter or the HORI official Switch variant to ensure a successful connection.

Should I get an Ethernet adapter for Switch?

If you’re someone who wants a lag-free online experience for the Switch then yes, an Ethernet adapter is certainly something you should look at buying. It’ll keep your connection stable and provide you speeds that you simply can’t get over WiFi.

On the flip side, if you’re a casual Switch gamer that only dabbles in online play, maybe it simply isn’t worth spending the extra cash for those rare moments you go into multiplayer matches.

Does Nintendo Switch support Ethernet?

We wouldn’t be able to write this best Switch Ethernet adapters article if the device didn’t support Ethernet so the short answer is yes, it does. However, this is only available in docked mode and you can’t plug the adapter into the Switch itself; it has to be via one of the USB ports located on the dock.


HORI Nintendo Switch LAN Adapter​

HORI Nintendo Switch LAN Adapter

To sum up, an Ethernet adapter for the Nintendo Switch is a relatively inexpensive piece of kit that’ll certainly help you secure the best connection possible for your online games. While in the main a number of Ethernet adapters will do the job, we think that the absolute best choice is the HORI Nintendo Switch Wired Internet LAN Adapter. This is because it is officially licensed by Nintendo, ensuring a guaranteed compatibility, as well as being the one that fits right in with the Switch dock aesthetics. Yes, it is a little bit more pricey than the other picks on show above but we think it’s definitely worth it for the piece of mind you’re getting a product Nintendo has been happy to slap its name onto.