Best Nintendo Switch Accessories in 2021

Best Nintendo Switch Accessories 2020 Our Top Picks

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The Nintendo Switch has made waves in the gaming industry since it was first announced back in October 2016 and has become a go-to for kids and adults alike. As with all Nintendo consoles, there is a wide range of accessories that can accompany your machine due to the portability and handheld-like nature.

With this list of best Nintendo Switch accessories, we have scoured the market for the top brands and most wanted addons to make your Nintendo Switch gaming experience the best it could possibly be.

If you want some stellar games for the Nintendo Switch check out our top picks for the best Nintendo Switch games.

How We Choose

In picking out the best five must have Nintendo Switch accessories, we’ve selected products all across the board to help you get the best gaming experience possible. This means we’ve got the best controller to the best grip all on the menu below, so you can pick up what you need to.

For how we actually selected the best products, we’ve chosen these based on their actual performance as well as being from trusted brands that deliver time and time again so you won’t need to worry about them failing any time soon.

Now, let’s get into the best Switch accessories for 2021.

Best Switch Accessories

Best ControllerNintendo-Switch-Pro-ControllerNintendo Switch Pro Controller
Best Screen ProtectoramFIlm-Tempered-Glass-Screen-ProtectoramFilm Tempered Glass
Best Battery PackAnker-PowerCore-26800-mAh-Power-BankAnker PowerCore 26800 mAh​
Best CaseOrzly-Carry-CaseOrzly Carry Case​
Best GripOIVO-Switch-GripOIVO Switch Grip​

Best Nintendo Switch Controller


Nintendo Switch Pro Controller


  • Official controller
  • Wireless
  • High quality


  • Expensive

The Nintendo Switch Pro controller is almost a must-have for those playing on the big screen. It provides that home console feeling due to the comfortability and the well-known layout we’ve become accustomed to. Even though the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are a fantastic controller in themselves and Nintendo included a grip with the console, they just don’t have the same form factor for playing games on the couch. We definitely suggest choosing the official Nintendo Pro controller over any third-party alternatives as it is the best quality and you know you’re going to avoid any connectivity or any other related issues which you might encounter with cheaper counterparts.

Best Nintendo Switch Screen Protector


amFilm Tempered Glass


  • Tempered glass
  • Cost effective


  • Any cracks are prominent

Protecting your Nintendo Switch is something everyone should think about due to taking it on adventures in the outside world. Granted you could just get a case (which we’ll get onto later) but having a screen protector for that all-important display blocks any scratches you might pick up. Additionally, when docking the console to play on TV, there is a tendency to bump and bang it on the internals, so adding a screen protector adds that layer of protection you need. The amFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector does the job nicely. Not only is it a quality brand, the tempered glass material used aims to counter smashed screens from dropped consoles. It also has 99.9% transparency coupled with ultra-thin 0.3mm thickness so there are no interruptions from your viewing experience.

Best Nintendo Switch Battery Pack


Anker PowerCore 26800 mAh


  • Large capacity
  • Multiple ports
  • Quick charge


  • A little cumbersome

With the short-ish battery life of the Nintendo Switch, if you’re taking it out and about you’re going to want a charging solution that isn’t too cumbersome. A slimline power bank is exactly the product required to do the job but with a million choices out there what do you go for? We’ve selected the Anker PowerCore 26800 mAh power bank as our top pick as we believe it’s not only value for money but the huge capacity should keep you going for a long time. Additionally, with Anker’s PowerIQ and VoltageBoost Technology, it ensures high speed charging for up to 3 devices, meaning you can give your phone a little boost as well as your Nintendo Switch simultaneously.

Best Nintendo Switch Case


Orzly Carry Case


  • Great protection
  • Space for additional Joycons
  • Lots of cartridge storage


  • Chunky

As briefly alluded to earlier, a case for your Nintendo Switch is a great accessory to have. You’ll keep it protected when you’re on the go and with some, you’ll have plenty of storage for all your games and cables. With this being a ‘best of’ list, the Orzly Carry Case we’ve gone for has those nice little features with ample space to store up to 4 additional Joy-Cons as well as a couple of charging cables. But what about my game cartridges I hear you ask, well this carry case comes with 8 inner slots to house them. Finally, what good is a case that doesn’t protect your Nintendo Switch? This one is made with an EVA hard shell, safeguarding the console from any falls.

Best Nintendo Switch Grip


OIVO Switch Grip


  • Ergonomic
  • Cartridge storage
  • Thumbstick attachments


  • Unable to dock when attached

As the Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console, it isn’t directly made to be played solely in handheld mode so when the Joy-Cons are in hand it can become a little uncomfortable after long periods. As always, there are accessories to improve this comfortability aspect. The OVIO Black Ergo Grip adds another level of support and make the handheld mode of the Nintendo Switch feel a little more like a fully-fledged controller. Moreover, if you opt to not use a carry case, these grips come with slots on the back to hold your game cartridges which are a welcome addition to an already stellar accessory.

Honorable Mentions


Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons

We’ve listed additional Joy-Cons in the honorable mentions category of this list due to them not really being an accessory and just more of what you’ve already got. We do think however, additional Joy-Cons bring the real Nintendo feel to the switch by being able to include your friends and family in some ‘party’ games. We definitely think opting for the official Joy-Cons is the route to go, even though they are expensive, you’re getting features like the 3D rumble that you just wouldn’t get from lower-priced alternatives.


SanDisk 128GB SD Card

You might think that an SD card should be included in the list of best Nintendo Switch accessories but we think like Joy-Cons, it’s not really an accessory. Don’t get us wrong, we almost think an SD card is a necessity for the Switch so you can get your favorite eShop titles, but classing it as an accessory isn’t the definition we’d go for. We think that you are going to need some large, fast storage where you can load up a bunch of Switch titles so that’s why we’ve chosen the SanDisk SD Card for Nintendo Switch It has 128GB storage and with it being SanDisk you know it is reliable. It also has up to 100mb transfer speeds so those loading times are never going to be a problem.


Are skins bad for Nintendo switch?

Nowadays, there is a plethora of customization options available for your favorite consoles, especially when it comes to paired controllers. Now, when the Switch launched in 2017, a number of people wanted to customize their handhelds with skins of their favorite games, or just to make it look that bit cooler. However, a huge problem was that these skins actually ended up damaging the consoles due to the materials used. This was a massive issue for Switch owners, leaving many very displeased after not only spending money on new hardware but also the added extra on the skins.

Nowadays, skins manufacturers have dealt with most, if not all of these issues and it is pretty safe to apply a skin to your Nintendo Switch. What we would suggest though is that you still to officially licensed skins or stick to well known brands such as dbrand who have been in the game for a long time.

Do I need a second set of Joycons?

The question of 'needing' a second set of Joycons is completely subjective and down to personal need. But, in our opinion, and the reason why we've listed them above, you should definitely pick some up if you want to get some local multiplayer action going. Moreover, some games like Super Mario party requires you to use these controllers to play some of the mini games, so not having these could impact your experience.

Are Switch Pro controllers worth it?

If a Switch Pro Controller is worth it is down to a number of factors that vary person to person. The controller itself is a little on the pricey side but not only is it an official model from Nintendo, it's also very high quality and works flawlessly right out the box. This is something that can't be said for other manufacturers out there that make compatible controllers for the Switch.


All in all, the range of Nintendo Switch accessories on offer are not only useful but improve your overall gaming experience with the console. We’ve aimed to build a varied list that encompasses a variety of different needs you may have and the products we’ve chosen are of stellar build quality. Whether you go with the Nintendo Switch Pro controller or Orzly Carry Case we can be sure whatever accompanying products you pick will give your Nintendo Switch that little bit extra functionality.

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