Xbox Series X price and release date confirmed

xbox series s xbox series x price and release date

This week has been crazy for Microsoft and Xbox with a bunch of leaks around the upcoming Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console release. We’ve seen the Xbox Series S price, release date, and design leak, which has since been officially confirmed by Microsoft themselves, but alongside this was a little insight into the Xbox Series X price and release date.

According to @bdsams on Twitter who showcased Xbox Series S visuals and price, also broke the news that the Xbox Series X will be priced at $499 (UK price £449) with a release date of November 10th. The graphics certainly look very official and with the Xbox Series S pricing structure following the exact same format, it makes the apparent price of the Xbox Series X very believable. The November 10th release date makes sense too, not only due to the Series S launching then as well as AAA titles launching around that time, but especially with new Game Pass edition Destiny 2: Beyond Light releasing on that exact day.

All of this has now been officially confirmed by Microsoft themselves coupled with a preorder date of September 22nd.

It’s clear to see that the more budget Xbox Series S option will be a game-changer in this year’s generation of consoles due to the performance versus price. If you throw Game Pass into the mix, it’s an insane amount of value. However, with the Xbox Series X price coming in at $499, it could still be undercutting the PS5 and be the most powerful console in the world in the process, certainly making it also an insanely attractive option, especially for those wanting native 4k.

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Jacob Woodward
Jacob Woodward
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