Xbox Series S price and design confirmed by Microsoft

xbox series s console design price reveal

The Xbox Series S has been shrouded in mystery since the code name Lockhart was leaked months ago. Since then we’ve seen leaks confirming the name of the console thanks to a controller box, but Microsoft has been tight lipped on what to expect from a next generation ‘budget’ console. Until now.

After yet another ‘leak’ occurred last night, Microsoft has come out and made it official, the Xbox Series S is real, comes in at a much smaller form factor, as well as at a very respectable price point.

The official Xbox twitter account put out a tweet this morning showcasing the big reveal alongside the price of $299 (£249). This seems incredibly low considering its a next-gen console but with the rumoured specs being a lot less powerful that the Series X, sporting 4 teraflops instead of 12 etc. as well as no disc drive, these are big cost savings and the main reason it retails so little.

Moving to the design, the tweet itself tells us that it is in fact the smallest Xbox ever made and if the leaks are true, it’s looking around the third of the width of the Xbox Series . It’s also sporting the white similar to that of the Xbox One S from the previous generation, giving users a clear indication that the two next-gen consoles are radically different even though the names are somewhat confusing.

While there’s been no official confirmation on the release date, leaks suggest November 10th as the launch alongside Xbox Series X. Moreover, the price of the Series X is reportedly going to be going in at $499 (£449) which seems believable and more than respectable considering the power.

We’re sure we’ll see a bunch more details in the coming days both for the Xbox Series S as well as the Xbox Series X as the next-gen console race heats up. Let’s hope PlayStation are able to keep up with these prices or Microsoft and Xbox could have the early victory this time round!

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Jacob Woodward
Jacob Woodward
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