Xbox Series S console leaked by new controller

Xbox Series S console leaked by new controller

There’s been rumours circulating for some time now about Microsoft releasing a cheaper, potentially discless alternative to the Xbox Series X, which is set to launch this fall under the codename project “Lockhart”. However, it now seems that these are rumours no longer, with packaging of a new white controller variant implying that an Xbox Series S console will also be releasing later this year.

The controller box image comes from a user named Zak S who managed to purchase this next-gen controller before public release. The packaging states that the controller is designed for the “Xbox Series X|S”, clearly showing that there will be two variants of the yet to be released hardware.

The first sighting we’ve seen of the “Lockhart” console was back in May with a leaked internal Microsoft document stating that the Xbox Series S will not have the same power as the Xbox Series X, straying away from true 4k gaming, with a focus on 1440p resolution, lower performance GPU, only 7.5GB of RAM, and a less-powerful CPU.

Maybe we’ll now see the Xbox Series S in the next Xbox showcase set for August due to this leak and hey, potentially even a price? (don’t hold your breath though).

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