Xbox announces Series X games showcase

Xbox announces Series X games showcase

After the big reveal of the PS5 and a pretty stellar lineup of games, it seems Microsoft and Xbox have their comeback in motion, announcing a showcase specifically focused on the next-generation of Xbox titles.

If you were around to see the first reveal of Xbox Series X games, it was met with deflated response due to the focus being more on indie titles that didn’t really show off the capabilities of the improved hardware. However, with the announcement of Xbox having a second showcase, there’s hopes that they’ll reveal more about AAA first party titles like Halo: Infinite as well potentially the new Call of Duty.

This Xbox Games Showcase will debut on July 23rd at 9am PT (5PM BST) on a variety of platforms including Xbox.com and Twitch. If you’re interested in a little Pre-Show, the Summer Game Fest Pre-Show will go live at 8AM PT (4PM BST) on Youtube Gaming hosted by the one and only Geoff Keighley.

Let’s hope for some in-game gameplay and not just pre-rendered cinematics!

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Jacob Woodward
Jacob Woodward
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