You can now play Breath of the Wild Multiplayer with this YouTuber’s mod

breath of the wild multiplayer mod

Approximately eight months ago, PointCrow, a prominent Legend of Zelda YouTuber, shared a video showcasing a Breath of the Wild (BotW) multiplayer mod that he and fellow streamers tested. Transforming Nintendo’s solo adventure into a cooperative experience, as you would expect, the mod quickly gained popularity.

Since the announcement video, which has accumulated over 1.8 million views, PointCrow has uploaded more content featuring the mod, including hide-and-seek games, speedruns, and collaborative battles against Calamity Ganon. The latest video has surpassed 1.5 million views, and now, the mod is available for players to enjoy, allowing you too the ability to get some Hyrule adventures going with your friends.

breath of the wild multiplayer

This Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod enables players to invite friends into their game, each controlling their own version of Link, complete with their unique outfits and animations. Players can explore Hyrule, complete objectives together, or separately, and even take group photos to commemorate their adventures.

We’ve installed this mod and we can confirm that it does in fact work pretty flawlessly for the most part. However, despite its impressive functionality, there are a few issues to iron out, such as unsynchronized time of day between players and occasional graphical glitches. These are very minimal however and don’t particularly detract from the experience that much.

The mod’s creators, AlexMangue and Sweet, were reportedly offered $10,000 by PointCrow to develop the multiplayer experience which is a pretty hefty sum considering it’s been let loose to the public completely free of charge.

With the upcoming release of Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom we certainly hope that the popular mod won’t receive a cease and desist order from Nintendo’s legal team, and many can continue running around as their own version of Link and take on the adversaries of corrupted Hyrule.

All in all, the Breath of the Wild multiplayer mod brings a fresh and exciting twist to the beloved game, offering players the chance to share their adventure with friends. As the mod continues to gain attention and popularity, it will be interesting to see how it evolves and what impact it may have on future Legend of Zelda titles.

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