Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered preorder leaked

Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered preorder leaked

There’s been a bunch of speculation that a Mass Effect Trilogy remaster could be on the horizon but now, it seems that an official announcement is imminent thanks to a preorder leak.

This leak comes in multiple forms. First, Twitter user Haris Mohammed shared a link to a list of upcoming games that featured an “N7” title shortly followed by “(Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered)” and a September 29th release date clearly implying that said remaster is on the horizon sooner than we think. This list was then followed up by a Reddit user who actually claims they’ve been able to preorder the Mass Effect Trilogy remaster from Game, a retailer in the UK, but with no indication on when the product will ship.

To add more fuel to the remaster’s fire, someone actually posted an image of a receipt from Game which shows that they’ve been able to preorder the title with a deposit of £5, securing the game upon its release. If this receipt is legitimate, it shows that Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered is in fact in the retailer’s database, cementing that it’s real and will be available for purchase.

Would you be excited for Mass Effect Trilogy Remastered? The latter entry for the Mass Effect IP was lackluster to say the least, leaving fans extremely disappointed but will the return to the Normandy get people hyped? Let’s hold out for the official word from Bioware!

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Jacob Woodward
Jacob Woodward
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