LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) set preorder goes live

LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) set preorder goes live

Yesterday, there were rumors/leaks of a LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) but today, the full set has been officially announced by LEGO themselves.

The NES LEGO set is part of the newly formed partnership with Nintendo that has already seen the release of the LEGO Super Mario starter set and we expect to see much more classic Nintendo centerpieces revealed in LEGO form in the near future.

The trailer, hosted by head LEGO designer Jonathan Bennik, expands on what’s included in the NES set and goes into the nitty gritty on what’s involved in the construction of this classic console. You’ll receive over 2,000 individual pieces that all come together to create not on the console itself but also the NES controller, a Mario Bros. game cartridge, and an actual old-timey TV displaying what you would usually expect to see when playing in real life. It doesn’t end there though, you’re actually able to insert the cartridge as well as moving the lever up and down to imitate the physical game being played – pretty amazing for a LEGO set. Moreover, if you own the Super Mario set we mentioned earlier, you can attach the Mario figure to the top of the ‘TV’ and it’ll emit music and sound effects to match the ‘on-screen’ actions.

If you’re looking to get your hands on this fantastic, robust NES themed LEGO set, you are going to dig deep into your wallet with a price tag of $229.99. But, if you’re willing to part with that cash, you can preorder now for release on August 1st.

The NES set overall really is a work of art and captures what it’s like to own the real thing. Couple this with the sounds and the Super Mario starter set connectivity and you’re getting an actual experience rather than piecing a bunch of blocks together.

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Jacob Woodward
Jacob Woodward
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