Horizon Zero Dawn launches on PC August 7th

Horizon Zero Dawn launches on PC August 7th

After months of speculation and rumours, Guerilla Games has finally announced that Horizon Zero Dawn will indeed be heading over to PC for release on August 7th.

If you’re looking to pick it up, it is in fact launching on both the Epic Game Store and Steam on the same day so fans of the title won’t be hindered by it being released on a sole platform.

Guerilla also announced that a bunch of new features will be added to the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn including new graphics options and settings. These will encompass a number of graphical improvements, unlocking the game’s framerate, as well as the ability to play in ultra-wide resolutions. Moreover, this PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn will have the Frozen Wilds expansion bundled in, perfect for those who just don’t want their journey to end with Aloy.

If you’re eager to know more or simply want a bit of gameplay, take a look at the trailer for Horizon Zero Dawn on PC from Guerilla Games themselves.

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Jacob Parr
Jacob Parr
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