Halo Infinite to potentially have sprinting and grappling hooks

Halo Infinite to have sprinting and grappling hooks

There’s been a bunch of speculation about Halo Infinite, whether it’ll have a battle royale mode, if the campaign will be in a traditional linear format, and if there will be a more open world aspect to the game. We hope to see some of this speculation debunked in the Xbox Games Showcase that’s taken place on July 23rd but we may have some interesting new info before that reveal.

According to a reliable inside source code-named Klobrille, fans may be surprised to hear that Halo Infinite may in fact have new abilities and items such as a grappling hook. Klobrille, laid claims that a recent Halo Infinite leak that’s making the rounds on YouTube is completely fake but parts of it, may make it to the final game’s release.

“The leak is still fake,” “Grappling hook is in as to my limited knowledge, but it’s more like an equipment pick-up similar to Halo 3. No idea how that is included in campaign.”

If a grappling hook is a new ability in Halo Infinite, it could revolutionize the one on one combat, potentially implementing a more vertical element to the standard first person shooter format.

Klobrille also goes onto say that Halo Infinite is going back to its roots with “Halo Infinite Arena” which will aim to go “back to classic map control gameplay (power weapons and power-ups),” alongside “a lot of cool map power-ups to complement the sandbox.”.

Moreover, Klobrille implies that Forge will make a return with a bunch of new map customizability options:

“They are building systems to dynamically change/balance stuff and allow a diverse set of different multiplayer and Arena experiences, even more so when looking at the ridiculous options Forge will bring.”

While none of what Klobrille is saying can be taken as 100% truth, the user is certainly a reliable source and we are likely to see some, if not all elements they have suggested here.

I guess we’ll find out a bunch of new details in the Xbox Games Showcase on July 23rd, which at the point of this article’s release is just two days away, but we want those juicy Halo Infinite details and we want them now!

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