Analogue announces Analogue Pocket preorder date

Analogue announces preorder date for the Analogue Pocket

If you’re a handheld gaming fan who likes to dabble in a little retro fun, the one big downside is that you’re hindered by the lack of a backlit display. There’s a huge retromodding scene that can teach you to replace those old-timey screens in favor of an IPS variant for example but that requires skill and a lot of patience. However, the time has come to put down the tools and pick up the next generation of retro tech, the Analogue Pocket.

Analogue are famous for making retro gaming machines work in the more modern setting with products such as the Super Nt, allowing you to play Super Nintendo game carts on modern TVs as well as the Mega Sg, doing a similar thing for Megadrive games. Since last year though, fans of handheld consoles such as the Nintendo Gameboy and Sega Game Gear have been eagerly anticipating the release of the Analogue Pocket which allows for a number of handheld system’s original game carts to be played on a modern-fully backlit screen with no hassle.

The Analogue Pocket sports a 3.5”, 615 ppi, LCD with a 1600×1440 resolution. This is 10x the resolution of an original Game Boy. Moreover, the display is even made from Gorilla® Glass, making it extremely resistant to bumps, scuffs and scratches, ensuring you can throw it in a backpack and not worry your screen will come out busted.

Not just a Game Boy fan? The Pocket will still have you covered thanks to its wide compatibility.  It’s compatible with the 2,780+ Game Boy, Game Boy Color & Game Boy Advance game cartridge library as well as with the Game Gear, Neo Geo Pocket Color, Atari Lynx, and more thanks to handy cartridge adapters.

Many have been wondering when they’ll get the chance to get their hand on the Pocket but it’s now been revealed. Analogue has announced that it will be available for preorder on August 3rd 8AM PST with a limit of 2 per customer so keep your eyes peeled on that preorder page for your chance to secure the future of handheld retro gaming.

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Jacob Woodward
Jacob Woodward
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