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How to show FPS in Apex Legends

how to show FPS in Apex Legends

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Apex Legends is a battle royale game that requires extreme reaction speeds to compete at the highest level. To do this though, you’re going to want the game itself to be performing at its peak so there’s no impairment in your gameplay.

One key way in which gamers measure the performance of their games is through FPS output and the same can be said for Apex Legends. This allows you to see what Frames Per Second your game is outputting and obviously, the higher the number, the more smooth it will feel.

However, the FPS counter in Apex Legends isn’t enabled as standard so in this article, we’ll be informing you on how to show FPS in Apex Legends. We’ll take you through all the necessary steps to get it done so you can see how well your game is performing!

How to show FPS in Apex Legends

So, with Apex Legends being a multi-platform title available on PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and now Nintendo Switch, many players out there want to know how to show an FPS counter so that they can be at the top of their game. Below, we’ll be detailing the FPS display method and if it’s even possible on console.

how to show FPS in Apex Legends steps

How to show FPS in Apex Legends on PC

Open Origin

Open up the Origin Launcher and log into your account

Go to Application Settings

Select Origin on the top nav bar and choose “Application Settings”

Head to Origin In-Game

Open the “Origin In-Game” tab

Head to “During Gameplay”

Scroll down and locate the “During Gameplay” section

Choose where you want your FPS to be displayed

Choose your desired placement of the FPS counter within the “Display FPS Counter” setting

If you followed the above steps correctly, you should now be able to see an FPS counter in your Apex Legends game as well as have it in the placement of your choosing.

How to show FPS in Apex Legends on Console

If you want that Apex Legends FPS counter on your console, whether that is your Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch, unfortunately, like many other games out there, it simply can’t be done. This is something that we hope is changed now the new generation of consoles are out but sadly, due to the lack of customization in comparison to PCs, we don’t expect it to be reaching our devices in the near future.

Final Word

So there you have it, all the steps required for how to show FPS in Apex Legends. As stated above, this can only be done on PC and not console unfortunately, but with less variations of hardware in consoles, it shouldn’t be something that you need to keep track of in the main.

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