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How to register as a CEO in GTA 5

how to register as a ceo in gta 5

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Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of those games that just keeps on giving even years after its release with updates both in terms of graphics and gameplay mechanics, especially in the GTA Online portion of the title.

One great mechanic that was introduced to the game was the ability to secure a job title and make your way up the pyramid to CEO status. It is however not exactly clear how you register as a CEO in GTA 5 so with this article, we aim to provide you with all the necessary steps and give you some insight into the benefits of becoming one.

Let’s get into it.

How to register as a CEO in GTA 5

If you’re looking to become a CEO in GTA 5, it’s not quite as simple as listing yourself as one based on no prior achievements. You’re going to need to follow some steps before you can secure that all-important CEO status. Here’s how to do it.

how to become a ceo in gta v

Open your in-game phone

Open your in-game phone by pressing Up on the D-pad (Controller) or T/Backspace (Mouse & Keyboard).

Go to the Dynasty 8 Executive website

Open the Internet browser and locate the Dynasty 8 Executive website.

Buy an Executive Office

You’ll need to purchase an executive office from the website. The cheapest one you can pick up is Maze Bank West which is $1 million.

Become a CEO

Customize your office and hire staff to truly become a CEO in GTA 5.

What benefits does a CEO in GTA 5 have?

So if you’ve followed the above steps to become a CEO, what kind of benefits are you likely to receive? Well, there are in fact quite a few you can enjoy. First off, you can take advantage of free vehicles when you make property purchases and hey, who doesn’t like free stuff? Second, you will also have the ability to hire other players to basically do some leg work for you, leaving you to do more of those more important ‘CEO’ duties. Finally, all of your existing benefits from the VIP status you previously had will carry over which is always a plus.

All in all, if you have the cash, the CEO status really have some great benefits that you can certainly reap over time.

Final Word

We hope the above guide gave you some insight on the CEO status in GTA 5 and the steps we’ve provided got you there nice and easily. If you’re struggling in other areas of GTA 5, the below guides could also help you out!

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