How to get more Glimpses in Mortal Shell – Farming Guide

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Mortal Shell has been a big but welcomed surprise for fans of the Dark Souls series essentially being a love letter to those games. With it being a Souls-like there’s little direction and you pretty much have to make your own way through Fallgrim, attempting to find more “Shells” to inhabit. There are also a bunch of items and currency like “Tar” and the more important “Glimpses” which are used to upgrade your armor.

Of course, these Glimpses are a rare find so if you want to max out your armor, you’re either going to keep killing the same enemies in hope that they’ll drop some or follow our Glimpse farming guide which will make your life a hell of a lot easier. Without further ado, let’s dive into how to get more Glimpses in Mortal Shell.

How to get more Glimpses in Mortal Shell

Before we get into the method, you’ll need one Glimpse to start it so ensure you have that prior to going any further.

  • Got to Fallgrim Tower and head over to Thestus who is located upstairs
  • Spend one Glimpse with him to bring the “fog”. This will bring back enemies and spawn two Grisha boss battles
  • Exit the tower by jumping off and head to the poisonous frog river
  • Take a right at the river and follow the path to the end where you’ll find an enemy camp
  • A Grisha should have spawned here. Defeat it to get six Glimpses
  • Now, retrace your steps toward the tower but instead of going all the way head to the forest with the hanging bats. Another Grisha should be waiting for you under the biggest tree. Again, defeat it to get six Glimpses

There we have it, you should now have farmed twelve Glimpses at the cost of just one! You can repeat this process over and over to get as many Glimpses as you like. If you don’t want to spend that one Glimpse with Thestus after your first time round, you can just allow an enemy to kill you to reset the fog. But, make sure you can make it back to your Shell.

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Jacob Woodward
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