How to game share on Xbox One

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The cost of buying games on a frequent basis as well as your Xbox One console, could amount to a pretty large sum. Luckily however, Microsoft has included a game share feature which allows, yes you guessed it, to game share with your friends and family, meaning you can buy only one copy of the game and share it across multiple accounts.

While game sharing on Xbox One is an impressive feature, it is a little tucked away and requires a few steps to get it working. There are also some risks/limitations around game sharing which could trip you up.

How to game share on Xbox One

So, before we get into the steps for game sharing on Xbox One, let’s go into those limitations/risks. While game sharing allows you to play games across multiple accounts, which is fantastic, only do this with someone that you trust as you also give access to your ‘store’ allowing whoever you’re sharing your games with to purchase whatever they want on your behalf. Another awkward aspect is that even though your game data should be synced to the cloud, when it comes to game sharing, you will have to install the games on the second Xbox One even if you already have it installed on the first console.

Now all the warnings/risks have been discussed, let’s get into the steps you’ll need for game sharing on Xbox One.

  • Turn on your Xbox One and hit the profile icon in the top left
  • Navigate to your user account menu
  • Hit “Add new” and add both your account and the person you want to game share with
  • Go to the Settings menu then Personalize
  • Find the “Make my home Xbox” option
  • Register the Xbox One as your default device
  • Go to your game library in the “My Games & Apps” section
  • Navigate to the “Ready to Install” section where you should be able to see all the available titles for game sharing.

And that’s it, your Xbox One should now be all set up to game share. To share your games library with your game sharing partner, ask them to simply repeat the process that you’ve just gone through on your account.

We hope that game sharing carries over to the Xbox Series X. It’s a big feature with a lot of benefits for Xbox owners, especially in the cost saving department!

We’ve also got a bunch of other guides related to the Xbox One. Check out the links below if you have any issues.

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