How to appear offline on Xbox One

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Appearing offline is the go-to for Xbox One owners who don’t want to get interrupted by notifications constantly popping up on their screen when trying to win a clutch battle. It’s also necessary if you’re wanting to be a little secretive and either hide what game you’re playing from your friends or look like you’re doing work when actually you’re getting a win in the latest battle royale game.

The Xbox One UI can be a little confusing at times and finding how to appear offline is certainly more complex than the Xbox 360. In this article we’re going to take you through the steps you’ll need to take for how to appear offline on Xbox One so you too can stay hidden when getting a quick game in.

How to appear offline on Xbox One

There are actually two ways in which you can appear offline on Xbox One; to everyone, and to specific users. If you’re just wanting that full incognito approach then of course appearing offline to everyone is the way to go but, if you’re simply wanting to hide your presence from a certain clan mate who wanted you to complete that bounty and you ‘forgot’, appearing offline to specific users is the avenue you need to go down.

We’re going to go through the steps for both of these methods so you can go full stealth mode on Xbox One whenever you please.

How to appear offline on Xbox One to everyone

So, you’re wanting to completely appear offline to everyone on your Xbox One’s friends list? Well, here’s how to get that done:

  1. Turn on your Xbox console

    Turn on your Xbox One and hit the Xbox button on your controller

  2. Open up more profile options

    The left-hand menu should appear. Click your profile image to open up more options

  3. View your profile

    Hit My Profile

  4. Open online status options

    You should now see a drop down menu where you can change your online status

  5. Choose your offline staus

    Choose Appear Offline

That’s it, all the steps required to go into full appear offline mode to absolutely everyone, pretty simple stuff! Now, if you’d rather tweak your offline status to only set it to look that way to certain accounts, keep reading where we’ll go through all the necessary info to get that done.

How to appear offline on Xbox One to specific users

Appearing offline to absolutely everyone might be a bit much so there are times when you simply want to appear offline to specific users. This can be done pretty easily and offers a bunch more options than simply just hiding your presence. Let’s get into the steps.

  1. Access your Account
    Head to your Xbox One console’s settings where you should see the Account option
  2. Open Privacy & Online Safety
    Choose the Privacy & Online Safety tab
  3. Select a preset option or custom appearance settings
    You should now see Adult, Teen, and Child options. You can set your account to appear offline to accounts other than your friends by selecting Child or Teen options but this will limit other content so hit Custom to prevent that from happening
  4. Change Custom settings
    Once you’ve selected Custom, hit View Details & Customize
  5. See the Online Status & History page
    You’ll now be taken to the Online Status & History page
  6. Choose your desired status option
    You should now have the ability to change your online status to be viewable by everyone, just your friends list, or no one at all. Choose your desired option
  7. Offline status should now be complete
    You should now have customized your Xbox One account to appear offline to your liking

And there we have it, you should now have your profile set to appear offline to whoever you’d prefer. If you selected a setting you didn’t want or simply want to switch up your online status, just go back and follow the steps again to get it done successfully.

So, we’ve talked about the two methods for how to appear offline on Xbox One and we hope this guide has been simple enough to follow. If you have any other Xbox One related issues or problems, we’ve published a number of other guides that could help you out. Here are some of our top picks:

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