XDefiant Progress Not Working: Everything We Know

xdefiant progress not working

As the gaming world eagerly anticipates the latest addition to Ubisoft’s roster of thrilling titles, XDefiant promises to bring a fresh and exhilarating experience to the multiplayer first-person arena shooter genre.

With its unique blend of iconic characters from various Ubisoft franchises, customizable gameplay elements, and visually captivating punk art aesthetics, XDefiant has garnered the attention of gamers across the globe.

If you’re currently taking part in the beta, you’re probably experiencing how fun it is firsthand, but because it’s essentially a playtest, there are some bugs and issues. You may have encountered the FOXTROT-01 and ECHO-02 errors, but many are also experiencing their XDefiant progress not working.

Below, we’ll discuss all we know on this so you get a better understanding of how and why this is occurring.

XDefiant Progress Not Working: Can You Fix?

xdefiant gameplay 4

If you’re encountering the XDefiant progress not working issue, you’re certainly not alone. This problem has been plaguing most users who are playing the closed beta and is hindering any Xp gains that you would usually receive from kills, completing matches, etc.

Because of this, the knock-on effect is that you are not unlocking anything. No new guns, nothing, which is an extreme pain considering that most of the reason why you’ll be putting so many hours in is to get those ‘end-game’ weapons.

Unfortunately, there is no way to fix this bug on your end, which is extremely annoying. However, Ubisoft is on the case, plowing resources into squashing this bug.

In the meantime, the developers have actually chosen to unlock everything for all players so you’re able to get some game time in with all the available weapons without having to worry about both getting the XP required, and the all-important progress not working issue.

If we get an update on a concrete fix for this issue, we’ll be sure to update this article.

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