How To Complete X Marks The Spot DMZ

x marks the spot dmz

DMZ, an incredibly immersive and continuously evolving game, offers a plethora of challenging missions for players.

One of these missions, titled X Marks the Spot, stands out for its complexity and the need for thorough planning and strategic execution.

This guide will outline the steps needed to complete this mission successfully, taking you to the Koschei Complex and walking you through every step of the way.

X Marks The Spot DMZ: How To Extract Koschei Complex Map

The X Marks the Spot mission requires players to unlock the keypad-locked room in the Koshai Complex Alpha cluster using an R4D detector, and subsequently extract the Koschei Complex map.

The mission is divided into two parts, both set in the Koschei Complex, which is located in the heart of Al Mazrah.

Before setting out on this mission, it’s crucial that you come prepared. This includes having a set of jumper cables and a car battery.

These can typically be found at a gas station in Al Mazrah, and they’ll be instrumental in opening doors within the complex.

Once inside the complex, you will need to head to the Chemical Plant in the center. Here, an R4D detector can be found on a workbench-like table located in one of the two buildings in the center of the Chemical Plant.

r4d detector dmz

The buildings are relatively easy to locate; you just need to find small spaces that they can crouch and walk under, which will guide you toward the center.

If the R4D detector is not found in the first building, it’s likely in the other one. If it’s not in either, another player has likely beaten you to it and already taken it.

With the R4D detector in hand, players need to make their way to the Alpha Cluster. Between the two doors leading into the cluster, there is a spot to place a car battery and jumper cables. This will unlock the doors, granting you access to the Alpha Cluster.

alpha cluster door control dmz

Once inside, you will navigate to a large open room filled with enemies. After making your way to the right side of this room, head up the stairs leading to the L2 restricted doors. Beware, as two sentry guns patrol this area alongside numerous AI enemies.

Between some of the L2 restricted doors lies the door with the keypad lock. This is where the R4D detector comes into play. You must aim the detector at the keypad, revealing a set of symbols above it. These symbols will correspond with a specific number found on various chalkboards in the room.

You must then search the room for the chalkboards that feature these symbols. Each chalkboard will have a symbol pointing to a number, and these numbers make up the code to unlock the keypad.

x marks the spot code dmz

After successfully finding and entering the code, the keypad-locked door will open, marking the end of part one of the mission.

Part two is relatively simple; all you’ll have to do is extract the Koschei Complex map. The map will be lying on the floor directly in front of you as you enter the room.

x marks the spot koschei complex map dmz

Once the map is obtained, all that remains is to extract safely. An exfil is always available in the Alpha Cluster, so you can call in the elevator from across the room, wait for it to arrive, step in, and close the door behind you to complete the mission.

Overall, the X Marks the Spot mission in DMZ represents the height of immersive and strategic gameplay, demanding both skill and careful planning from players.

This guide hopefully provides a step-by-step roadmap to successfully complete one of the most difficult missions in DMZ currently.

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Josh Chambers
Josh Chambers
Josh has been gaming for as long as he can remember. After his parents bought him a SNES way back when, he has only developed more and more gaming knowledge has time's gone on.
Josh Chambers
Josh Chambers
Josh has been gaming for as long as he can remember. After his parents bought him a SNES way back when, he has only developed more and more gaming knowledge has time's gone on.