Wine Bottles DMZ: How to complete Vintage Connoisseur

wine bottles dmz vintage connoisseur

With looting and extraction games, there are obviously a bunch of different items scattered around the map for you to risk it all for. This is similarly the case for DMZ, the new mode introduced with MW2 2022, which lends mechanics from games such as Escape From Tarkov.

Now, sometimes, you’re required to find certain items to complete Missions, and the Black Mous Tier 3 Vintage Connoisseur Mission is exactly that, tasking you to find various Wine Bottles in DMZ. Below, we’ll provide you with everything you need to know for how to complete Vintage Connoisseur so you can get it done nice and quickly.

Wine Bottles DMZ: How to complete Vintage Connoisseur

Looking initially at the tasks for Vintage Connoisseur, it requires you to deliver 20 Wine Bottles at any dumpster dead drop, deliver 11 Aged Wine Bottles to any dumpster dead drop, and extract 3 Vintage Wine Bottles.

cheap wine bottles dmz

Focusing on the regular Wine Bottles task, you can use any Wine to contribute to this, but we recommend sticking to Cheap Wine just for ease. You’ll find Cheap Wine in various places within DMZ including fridges, shelves, and regular loot boxes/duffel bags. It is very common so you shouldn’t have too much of a problem.

Aged Wine Bottle locations DMZ

aged wine bottles dmz

If you’ve snagged all of the Cheap Wine to help your cause toward completing Vintage Connoisseur, you’re also going to need a bit of Aged Wine to complete the second objective. Now, with Aged Wine, you’re likely going to be finding this in similar places to Cheap Wine but due to its higher value, it is more rare.

What we recommend is that you search the fridges as before, but also look in orange loot boxes as these tend to house these more rare items. We also suggest you contain yourself to Al Mazrah City as this is the place that has the most fridges in the map. You can check house shelves like what we suggested for less valuable Wine Bottles, but it is very unlikely you’re going to get any consistent spawns.

Once you’ve collected all of the Aged Wine Bottles required, head to your nearest Dead Drop, probably the closest one to Al Mazrah City, and check off this task.

Vintage Wine Bottle locations DMZ

vintage wine bottles dmz

Finally, and the most difficult part of Vintage Connoisseur, is finding the Vintage Wine Bottles. Now surprise surprise, you’re most likely to find these in fridges in Al Mazrah. Again, we recommend you head to Al Mazrah City for this due to the sheer number of buildings. More specifically, if you head to Yum Yum Burger, this is where we have had the most success.

If you also have the Yum Yum Burger Back Room Key, this holds extra fridges, and due to it being a locked location, it will usually have higher value and the most rare loot, perfect for Vintage Wine Bottles.

yum yum burger back room key location dmz

Orange loot boxes and cracked safes are also ideal for Vintage Wine Bottles so potentially heading to areas with these in or doing safe contracts could be another way to get Vintage Connoisseur done in one match.

Once you’ve deposited all of the regular and Aged Wine Bottles in a Dead Drop, as well as picking up the three Vintage Wine Bottles, get to the nearest exfil location, clear it out of any enemy squads and get out of there as fast as you can. If done successfully, you will have completed Vintage Connoisseur!

We hope this guide helped you out in this DMZ Mission! If you’re also struggling with others such as Natural Treasure, Harmful Waves, or Who’s Watching, then read our guides for everything you’ll need.

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