Who do you play as in Sons of the Forest?

who do you play as sons of the forest

Are you ready for the ultimate survival horror experience? If so, then Sons of the Forest is the game for you. Developed by Endnight Games and released in 2023, this thrilling video game offers players a unique blend of visceral combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving as they battle their way through a hostile forest environment filled with monsters.

As you’re thrust onto an island with little more than you’re own two fists, many are wondering who you play as to understand a little more about the person you’re controlling.

There was a named main character in The Forest, but does this person return in Sons of the Forest? We’ll detail all the information on this below.

Who is the main character in Sons of the Forest?

sons of the forest main character

In The Forest, the first game in the series, you assume the role of Eric Leblanc; a father who survives a plane crash on the island. Armed only with his wits and whatever weapons he can scavenge from the environment, it falls to him alone to find his son and a way off this mysterious island alive.

The main character of Sons of the Forest, however, is an unnamed soldier protagonist. The game does not provide a backstory for the player but rather allows them to build their own story through the choices they make throughout the game.

Your mission is to seemingly locate missing persons, stay alive, and save any other NPCs you can. To do this, you will need to explore dangerous lands, craft weapons, scavenge resources, and defend yourself against terrifying monsters that hunt both day and night.

The lack of a compelling main character is a little bit of a shame since the first game did provide some form of narrative but at the end of the day, there are still secrets to uncover, especially as you progress to the latter stages.

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