Where to find Shadow Company USB DMZ

where to find shadow company usb dmz

Season 2 of DMZ means a new map, new Keys, and most importantly, new Missions. One of these new Missions is Muddy Waters and a bunch of players both new and old are getting tripped up by this one.

This is mainly due to the Shadow Company USB that’s required for completion. Below, we’ll run you through where to find the Shadow Company USB in DMZ so that you can finish up Muddy Waters and move onto the next Legion Mission.

Shadow Company USB DMZ location

So, if you want to pick up the Shadow Company USB, you’re first going to have to head to the new Ashika Island map, where the whole of this Mission is based.

The Muddy Waters Mission objective for the USB states that you will be heading over to the Ashika Beach Club observatory. However, while the Ashika Beach Club itself is a POI on the map, the observatory is not.

To get to the Ashika Beach Club observatory, you’ll need to go to the very south of the POI, and off into the ocean. This is because the observatory is surrounded by water. It is in the F8 quadrant of the map so if you’re struggling to find it, use this as your guide. Additionally, we’ve got a map marker for you below to look at.

ashika beach club observatory location

Once you’re there, you’re going to need to do some looting. The Shadow Company USB isn’t in a permanent place though, so doing a bunch of digging is required.

However, while you might think that you can simply open a few boxes in the main observatory, you’re probably going to come up empty-handed. This is due to the fact that the Shadow Company USB is hidden in the watery depths within a ‘secret’ area.

To get to this area, jump into the water and do a small dive down. You should be able to see a submerged part of the observatory that looks like you can enter it. Shoot out one of the windows from above, and dive back down and into the area.

ashika beach club observatory secret room

Once in here, simply loot as many boxes and bags as you can and you should be able to find the all-important Shadow Company USB. 

There is a very small chance that the USB will be in the main part of the observatory, but we’ve not managed to locate it in there in one of our games, probably making it a very rare spawn.

shadow company usb dmz

After picking up the USB, you’ll then have to go out and find both the Ashika Island Intel and Crown Intel to complete Muddy Waters, so you’re searching doesn’t stop here.

If you’re stuck on finding other items in DMZ such as the Shipping Manifest, Legion Deal Intel, or an IFAK, read our guides for all you need.

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