Where to find Sarrif Bay Bath House Letter DMZ

where to find sarrif bay bath house letter dmz

DMZ Missions ask a lot of you as a player, hunting within various maps for both players and items in order for completion.

The Missing Person Mission that has been included in Season 2 of DMZ is one of these with one of its objectives requiring you to find a Sarrif Bay Bath House Letter.

As always, this isn’t marked on the map so it can become a wild goose chase in order for you to find it.

Below, we’ll give you all you need to know for where to find the Sarrif Bay Bath House Letter so you can get the Missing Person Mission all wrapped up and progress onto the next Legion tasks.

Sarrif Bay Bath House Letter DMZ location

So, if you want to pick up the letter in question here, you’re first going to need to find the Sarrif Bay Bath House.

As you would expect, this is in Sarrif Bay, but there is no POI marker on the map for it. This means you likely don’t know exactly where it is.

Fortunately, it has quite a distinct architecture with both trellis-like windows and a bit of a clock tower, making it easy to spot. If you’re still facing issues finding it though, it is in quadrant F7, and we’ve placed a map marker on the image below to help.

sarrif bay bath house location

Once you’re at the Sarrif Bay Bath House, it’s time to locate the letter.

Now, while the name of the objective states that it is a ‘letter’ what you’re actually looking for here is called a Driver’s Note. For where to find it, you’ll have to head to the south side portion of the Bath House.

Once there, you’re going to be looking for a small fountain in the corner with a dog’s head on it. The Driver’s Note will be right there, ready for you to pick up.

sarrif bay bath house letter location

Then, get an exfil done as soon as possible and head to Ashika Island where you’ll be placing it in Room B7 of the Ashika Island apartment complex to finish up Mission Person.

If you’re looking for more help with other DMZ Missions such as Whistleblower, Piracy, or Break Check, our guides should be able to provide you with all you need to know.

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