Where to find Gun Cleaning Oil DMZ

where to find gun cleaning oil dmz

In the new DMZ update that came with Season 2, there have been a bunch of Missions added to the game mode. One of these is A Helping Hand, asking you to gather a few different items and place them in a certain location.

Now, while you might look and this and think that it’s an incredibly easy task, there is one item in this list that is alluding most players. This is the Gun Cleaning Oil, and 

Below, we’ll be running you through tips as to where to find Gun Cleaning Oil in DMZ so you can finally check A Helping Hand off your Mission list.

Gun Cleaning Oil DMZ location

On the face of it, Gun Cleaning Oil should be an easy pick up due to its value being $500 and a ‘regular’ item. However, this is simply not the case with many not even seeing one of these in a match.

So, how can you increase your chances in finding some of this Gun Cleaning Oil? Well, there are some specific spots where it has a higher spawn rate at.

These areas are more industrial spots with construction going on within Al Mazrah. While you might expect to find Gun Oil potentially in the Police Academy or similar, you’re going to be out of luck, and sticking to the aforementioned suggestion is your best bet.

If you want a more specific area to search, we’ve had the most success in the construction site region within the G4 quadrant of the map.

gun oil location dmz

This construction area houses a whole host of tool boxes and other loot spots that will likely have some Gun Oil in them. However, this is still luck-based so don’t be surprised if you need to load into another match to find some.

gun cleaning oil location dmz

After this, you’ll likely have to find an Electric Drill, another item needed for A Helping Hand so again, the best solution to this is to search in those same areas.

And there you have it, you should have been able to locate some Gun Cleaning Oil and finally got A Helping Hand out of the way.

If you’re having issues finding items for other DMZ Missions such as the Governor’s Laptop, Shadow Company USB, Ashika Intel, Crown Intel, and more, check out our guides.

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