Where to find Crown Intel DMZ

where to find crown intel dmz

Season 2 of DMZ means a new map, new Keys, and most importantly, new Missions. One of these new Missions is Muddy Waters and a bunch of players both new and old are getting tripped up by this one.

This is partly due to the Crown Intel that’s required for the second part of the Mission, and ultimately, completion. Below, we’ll run you through where to find the Crown Intel in DMZ so that you can finish up Muddy Waters and move onto the next Legion Mission.

Crown Intel DMZ location

Akin to that of the Shadow Company USB and Ashika Island Intel, which are also required for the Muddy Waters Mission, you are given a general area for where you can find Crown Intel.

The spot you’re going to need to head to is the Ashika power plant. If you’re not sure as to where this is, you’ll need to cast your eye toward the north section of the map, near the Residential POI.

More specifically, the Ashika power plant is located in the F4 quadrant of the map and you should be able to spot its distinctive shape. However, if you’re still struggling, the map below shows you exactly where you need to go.

ashika island power plant dmz location

Once at the Ashika power plant, the hunt for the Crown Intel begins.

To enter the power plant, you will first need a Stonghold Keycard so ensure you have one to progress your search for the Crown Intel. If you’ve got one, great, you can head inside.

Now you’ve entered the power plant, you’re going to need to dispatch a bunch of AI. This will make your life a hell of a lot easier since the Crown Intel is actually located on the top floor, allowing you to avoid any enemies simply chasing you up there.

Once you go to the top floor of the power plant, you should be able to see what looks like a control room of sorts. Head in there and behind the desk with various monitors on it should be the Crown Intel ready for you to pick up.

crown intel dmz

Now, simply exfil with the Intel and you should have this objective from Muddy Waters ticked off.

And that’s all there is to it! If you’re having issues with other DMZ Missions such as Break Check, Health Conscious, or Piracy, read our other guides for help.

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