Where to Find Cartel Warehouse Key DMZ (Dark Waters Mission)

cartel warehouse key dmz

Similar to that of Season 2, there has been a new faction introduced in DMZ – Redacted. As you would expect, along with lore and new enemy types to take on, there are a plethora of new missions that you can undertake, all providing you new rewards.

One of these missions is Dark Waters and tasks you with finding the Cartel Laptop. Before this though, you’ll also need to locate the Cartel Warehouse Key in DMZ to gain access to the spot it is placed.

Below, we’ll provide you all the details on where to find the Cartel Warehouse Key in DMZ so you can check off this part of Dark Waters and move on.

Cartel Warehouse Key DMZ Location

As just stated, this Cartel Warehouse Key is integral to advancing the Dark Waters mission and taking on the final objective of securing the Cartel Laptop. You are provided a small description of a region where it is located, but it is still quite vague.

The hint states that you need to head to the eastern-most sunken ship in Al Mazrah and if you haven’t done your exploring, you could find yourself in a spot of bother. However, what we can tell you is that you’ll need to head to the E8 map quadrant for this ship. On the map, you can see the ship as a small square-like structure and it’s completely on its own so you shouldn’t have many issues this point forward.

Here is the Cartel Warehouse Key ship on the map just to make sure you’re in the right place:

cartel warehouse key dmz sunken ship map

Once you’ve reached the ship, you’re going to be going underwater to find the Key itself. What we recommend here is that you complete the first step of Dark Waters and find a Rebreather as this is crucial to staying underwater for enough time to scoop up the goods.

After getting yourself a Rebreather, look to the front of the ship as shown in the image below, this will provide you with the best entry point.

cartel warehouse key dmz sunken ship front

Dive down and then look for a huge gaping hole in the ship, this is your way into the Cartel Warehouse Key area and one step closer to finding it.

cartel warehouse key dmz sunken ship underwater

Now, while the ship doesn’t look so big on the surface, underneath can be quite a maze. So, to find the Cartel Warehouse Key, you’ll need to head to the left-hand side and look for an area that has some lockers and workbench tables. Once there, you should be able to see a glowing blue item on one of the workbenches. This is the Cartel Warehouse Key, so move closer and pick it up.

cartel warehouse key dmz location

And there you have it, you should now have the Cartel Warehouse Key in your back pocket and you can head to the surface. Next, is finding the Cartel Laptop, which we also have the details on in our separate guide.

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