Where to find Ashika Island Intel DMZ

ashika intel dmz location

Season 2 of DMZ means a new map, new Keys, and most importantly, new Missions. One of these new Missions is Muddy Waters and a bunch of players both new and old are getting tripped up by this one.

This is partly due to the Ashika Island Intel that’s required for the second part of the Mission, and ultimately, completion. Below, we’ll run you through where to find the Ashika Island Intel in DMZ so that you can finish up Muddy Waters and move onto the next Legion Mission.

Ashika Island Intel DMZ location

For the Ashika Island Intel, as per the objective in the Muddy Waters Mission, you’re going to be heading to the Waterways.

There are a few different ways in which you can enter the Waterways on the map but these aren’t marked so you’ll have to discover them for yourself. Once you come across an entrance, you can’t really miss it as they’re large tunnel-like entrances.

If you are having issues with finding one, however, we’ve got a map image below of a precise location of a Waterways entrance you can follow.

waterways entrance ashika island dmz

Once you’re at the Waterways, you’re going to have to go deep into this POI. This is because the Ashika Island Intel is hidden deep within.

In fact, you’re going to essentially be heading to the center of the map. More specifically, you’re going to be wanting to look for the Tsuki Castle POI marker as this is the general area you need to be in.

Now you’re in the vague spot, you’re now going to be getting those eagle eyes going, searching for a gray/white shipping container. This is where the Ashika Island Intel is housed. The image below shows you want to be looking for if you’re having issues.

where to find ashika island intel dmz

After locating the shipping container, head inside and in the corner next to a portable light, you should be able to see the Ashika Island Intel, ripe for the picking.

However, there is one thing to note here. The Ashika Island Intel only spawns once per match and therefore, if someone has got to it first, you’re going to have to exfil and start up another for another chance.

Obviously, there are other aspects to the Muddy Waters Mission, asking you to collect both the Shadow Company USB as well as Crown Intel, so check our guides out if you’re struggling with those also.

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