What happens if you kill 5 Torg in High On Life?

what happens when you kill 5 torg high on life

High On Life is full of whacky and interesting creatures that you have to put an end to and progress the story. One ‘enemy’ that’s causing a bit of fuss though is 5 Torg as she is a little helpless and many are wondering what happens when you kill 5 Torg as the game doesn’t steer you in either direction.

Below, we’ll run through our experience when we killed 5 Torg so you can know whether you should go to the dark side and dispatch her or spare her life and continue with a clear conscience.

What happens if you kill 5 Torg in High On Life?

kill 5 torg high on life

So, when you’re undertaking the current objective of escaping 9 Torg’s HQ, you’ll reach a point in which 5 Torg, one of the clones, will be hanging from the ceiling. The dialogue from 5 Torg states that she will be continuing to do as much crime as possible as soon as she gets out of the sticky situation that she’s in.

This gives the player a bit of a dilemma; let her live or give her a couple of shots to see what happens. Well, if you decide the shooting route, the alien creature will be pleading with you to stop so you’ll definitely want to know what happens when you kill 5 Torg…

If you do decide to kill 5 Torg in High On Life, you’ll actually activate a ‘secret boss’ almost Elden Ring-esque. This is confirmed by both the health bar on the top as well as your gun letting you know that you’ve discovered and killed a “bonus secret boss” after the deed has been done.

At this point, we’re unsure as to whether this affects anything after this point, but what we found in our game time is that the Torgs are hostile from this point on. Either way, there doesn’t seem to be any major plot implications if you do decide that 5 Torg needs to die.

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