What does DMZ stand for in MW2?

what does dmz stand for mw2

The all-new DMZ mode that was brought in with Season One of MW2 has been a little bit like Marmite for players of the franchise, you either love it or you hate it. This is because it brings a whole new type of playstyle that doesn’t require you to run and gun against enemies with unlimited lives.

Instead, its a one life and done situation, with looting and extraction thrown in for some extra mechanics to spice things up a bit. Now, while all this gives you some insight into the new introduction, many have been wondering what DMZ stands for as this hasn’t been explained by the developers.

What does DMZ stand for in MW2?

when will dmz be out of beta

As previously stated, the term DMZ hasn’t really been broken down by Infinity Ward and you aren’t given an explanation as to what it means and whether it’s a product of fiction or if it’s a term that’s been coined from elsewhere.

So what does DMZ stand for in MW2? Well, it actually is exactly the same as what it means when applied to the real world. DMZ stands for Demilitarized Zone and is a common term used when countries are at war.

To be more specific, a Demilitarized Zone is a non-combat area that those involved in the war has agreed upon. This could be as large as a country, or as small as a town, but under no circumstance can fighting between the parties take place.

Naturally, if you’re playing the DMZ mode in Call Of Duty, you will be shooting others so it’s not exactly a one-for-one comparison, but this is the reason why you are fired upon on sight by the plethora of AI soldiers on the map, and why you need to be extracted to safety.

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