What Do You Get For Finding All Wells In TotK?

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Wells in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom aren’t just decorative pieces of Hyrule’s landscape; they are part of an intriguing questline that can yield some fascinating rewards.

The “Where Are The Wells?” quest, offered by Fera, encourages players to search every nook and cranny of the kingdom for these wells, with plenty of incentives along the way.

Below, we’ll talk through all that is related to Wells, including the reward for finding every single one in Hyrule.

Finding All Wells Reward In Tears Of The Kingdom

While you’ll have found some wells on your travels, the real quest begins when you encounter Fera, a curious character with an obsession for the ancient wells scattered around Hyrule.

Fera assigns you the task of finding all 58 wells in the game, promising a handsome reward in return.

For every well you find, Fera rewards you with 10 Rupees, which can accumulate to a substantial total of 580 Rupees. While these may serve as immediate gratification for your exploration efforts, there is a reward that comes upon the discovery of all 58 wells.

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Upon finding and reporting the last well, Fera rewards you with the All’s Well Snowglobe. This unique item doesn’t have any practical use in the game, but it holds sentimental value and serves as a memento of your successful completion of the quest.

The All’s Well Snowglobe represents the wells you have found and the journey you took to find them, making it a significant achievement, similar to that of the all Lightroots reward.

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This quest exemplifies the depth of exploration and discovery that The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom encourages.

Each well signifies a piece of Hyrule’s history, and the All’s Well Snowglobe stands as a testament to the player’s determination and love for exploration.

Whether you’re driven by the Rupee rewards, the desire to obtain the unique All’s Well Snowglobe, or simply the satisfaction of uncovering all the secrets in Hyrule, finding all the wells is an engaging and rewarding challenge that adds to the depth and richness of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

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