What Do You Get For Finding All Korok Seeds In TotK?

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In the captivating and vast landscape of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, one of the most challenging tasks players can embark on is collecting all of the Korok Seeds scattered throughout the game.

These hidden items are the remnants of the Koroks, forest spirits that have left their mark across the map. This article will delve into the rewards that come with this demanding, yet fulfilling undertaking.

All Korok Seeds Reward In Tears Of The Kingdom

The act of finding and collecting Korok Seeds provides an incentive for exploration, encouraging players to search every nook and cranny of the game’s expansive world.

It’s a task that requires dedication, patience, and a keen eye for the often cleverly hidden seeds. There are 1000 of them, so it will take some work.

In a delightful link (no pun intended) to its predecessor, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the reward for collecting all Korok Seeds in Tears of the Kingdom is a familiar item – Hetsu’s Gift.

hetsu's gift totk

Hetsu’s Gift is a testament to your efforts, a token of gratitude from the giant Korok, Hetsu. This artifact serves as a memento of your extensive journey to locate every last Korok Seed in Hyrule, symbolizing the culmination of your exploration and persistence.

However, Tears of the Kingdom doesn’t stop at just a mere token. Collecting all Korok Seeds also unlocks an additional ‘reward’, an entertaining spectacle that will undoubtedly bring a smile to the faces of both new and veteran players of the Zelda series.

Once you’ve collected all Korok Seeds, you are treated to a delightful show – Hetsu’s classic dance from Breath of the Wild. This dance, different from Hetsu’s routine in Tears of the Kingdom, is an endearing throwback to the previous game, bringing back fond memories and adding a nostalgic touch to your accomplishment.

hetsu classic dance totk

While Hetsu’s Gift might not provide any game-changing abilities or bonuses, it serves as a memorable badge of honor, a testament to your dedication and the hours spent combing through Hyrule.

The joy of witnessing Hetsu’s iconic dance again adds a unique flavor to your reward, imbuing your victory with a dash of nostalgia and cheer.

In conclusion, collecting all Korok Seeds in Tears of the Kingdom is a rewarding endeavor that engages players with the game’s expansive world, testing their mettle and resolve.

It offers not only a tangible reward in Hetsu’s Gift but also a heartwarming performance that harkens back to the series’ rich history. It’s an achievement that goes beyond mere in-game benefits, providing a sense of accomplishment and reminiscence that players will cherish long after their journey in Hyrule is over.

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