What do you get for finding all Korok Seeds in Breath of the Wild?

what do you get for all korok seeds botw

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, developed by Nintendo, is an expansive open-world adventure that has captivated players since its release in 2017. One of the game’s most intriguing and time-consuming tasks is the collection of 900 hidden Korok Seeds scattered throughout the vast world of Hyrule.

For completionists and dedicated players, the search for these elusive seeds can become a personal mission. But what is the reward for finding all 900 Korok Seeds? In this article, we delve into the prize that awaits those who undertake this monumental task and whether it’s worth the effort.

What are Korok Seeds in Breath of the Wild?

Korok Seeds are small items hidden throughout the world of Breath of the Wild, often requiring players to solve puzzles or complete mini-challenges to collect them. They are left behind by the small, forest-dwelling Korok creatures who are often hidden themselves, only revealing their presence once the associated puzzle is solved.

korok seed breath of the wild

In the early stages of the game, these seeds serve an essential purpose – they can be exchanged with a character named Hestu to increase Link’s inventory space. As players progress, they’ll likely need the extra slots to carry more weapons, shields, and bows. However, once a certain amount of inventory expansion has been achieved, the practical use of Korok Seeds diminishes.

All Korok Seeds reward in Breath of the Wild

Upon collecting all 900 Korok Seeds, players must return to Hestu, who can be found in Korok Forest. Hestu, impressed by the player’s dedication, rewards them with a unique item: Hestu’s Gift. This item, described as a “gift of friendship” from Hestu, is a small, golden piece of excrement with a distinct, smiling face.

Hestu’s Gift offers no real benefits with no additional bonuses in the slightest. The only thing you can do once receiving it is dance with Hetsu to showcase your bond.

hetsu's gift breath of the wild

While many players might be disappointed by the seemingly lackluster reward, Hestu’s Gift has a hidden purpose that makes it worthwhile for some dedicated fans. When equipped, the item serves as an indicator of the player’s commitment to exploring every nook and cranny of the massive game world.

It’s a symbol of the countless hours spent solving puzzles, scaling mountains, and traversing the diverse landscapes of Hyrule. In this sense, Hestu’s Gift is more than just a trinket; it’s a badge of honor, a testament to a player’s dedication to the game.

The process of finding all the Korok Seeds can also be a fun and challenging way to extend the game’s playtime. Many players derive satisfaction from completing a game to its fullest extent, and the Korok Seed hunt is a prime example of the kind of content completionists crave.

In conclusion, while the tangible reward for finding all 900 Korok Seeds in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild might not be as grand or as practical as some players would hope, the true reward lies in the journey itself.

The quest for Korok Seeds pushes players to explore Hyrule’s every corner, uncovering the secrets and hidden gems that make the game world so captivating. The sense of accomplishment and the memories formed during this epic adventure are, for many players, well worth the effort – even if the final prize is just a golden piece of smiling excrement.

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