What Do You Get For Collecting All Bubbul Gems In TotK?

all bubbul gems reward

In the vast open-world of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, there are numerous collectibles that players can acquire, each offering its unique rewards and bonuses.

One such collectible is the elusive Bubbul Gem, hidden across the land and treasured by certain characters.

This article will explore the rewards you can expect upon collecting all Bubbul Gems in the game.

All Bubbul Gems Reward In Tears Of The Kingdom

The Bubbul Gems play a central role in Koltin’s quest, an intriguing character who dreams of becoming one with the Satori, a mystical creature known for its connection with Blupees.

Gathering these precious gems brings you closer to helping Koltin achieve his dream and reveals an intriguing transformation, along with rewarding you with the Mystic set.

When you succeed in collecting all the Bubbul Gems scattered across Hyrule, Koltin achieves his dream by transforming into a Blupee, one of the luminous, rabbit-like creatures that populate the game’s world.

blupee koltin totk

This transformation is a testament to Koltin’s spiritual journey and the player’s commitment to assisting him.

In recognition of your effort, Koltin rewards you with Koltin’s Fabric, a unique piece of material that you can use to customize your paraglider. This paraglider fabric is a fitting reward, reminiscent of Koltin’s transformation and your adventure collecting Bubbul Gems.

It serves as a visual memento of your journey, adding a personal touch to your gear.

However, after returning to Kilton, Koltin’s brother, he also provides a second reward. He shares that their merchant stall will move to Koltin’s favorite place – Satori Mountain.

koltin final location totk

Upon visiting this new location, you’ll discover it swarming with Blupees. It seems Koltin’s transformation has attracted these creatures, turning the area into a Blupee haven.

Here lies an opportunity for you to gain some extra Rupees. By firing arrows at the Blupees, you can collect the Rupees they drop, turning this new merchant location into a profitable spot for resource farming.

koltin blupee totk

Collecting all Bubbul Gems in Tears of the Kingdom provides a rewarding experience, both in terms of gameplay and storyline. It immerses you deeper into the game’s lore, allows for paraglider customization, and offers a new location for potential resource farming.

All of these contribute to the intricate tapestry of Tears of the Kingdom, cementing its place as a rich and immersive gaming experience.

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