What Do You Get For Activating All Lightroots In TotK?

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The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom presents players with an immense challenge: the task of activating all the Lightroots in the Depths, the vast underground counterpart to the surface of Hyrule.

Upon successfully completing this task, you receive a symbol of their achievement, allowing you to marvel at it knowing you’ve done all you can to light the way.

Below, we’ll detail exactly what the reward is for finding and activating all Lightroots in the Depths so you know whether it is worth the hours.

All Lightroots Reward In Tears Of The Kingdom

The Depths is a gloomy and mysterious parallel world to the surface of Hyrule, where players have to navigate its perilous challenges and bring light to its darkness.

The primary means of doing this is by activating the Lightroots, which are the subterranean counterparts of the surface’s shrines. There are a lot of these Lightroots in the Depths, mirroring the number of shrines on the surface.

Activating all Lightroots doesn’t come without its challenges, but players who are up for the task and manage to illuminate all corners of the Depths are awarded the Dispelling Darkness Medal. This honor serves as a testament to the player’s courage, skill, and determination in conquering one of the game’s most formidable challenges.

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Despite not offering any immediate practical benefits, the Dispelling Darkness Medal carries its own rewards. Firstly, the medal serves as a symbol of the player’s achievement, signifying their tenacity and dedication in exploring every inch of the Depths.

Secondly, it means you have completed mapping the Depths, a significant advantage for players who want to thoroughly explore this vast underground world. With the Depths map completed, the need for the use of Brightseeds to illuminate the area is entirely eliminated, making exploration less resource-intensive and more enjoyable.

In conclusion, activating all the Lightroots in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is a task that calls for patience, skill, and determination.

The reward, the Dispelling Darkness Medal, might not provide additional combat or survival benefits, but the prestige it represents, along with the ease of navigation it affords, makes it a worthy accomplishment for any dedicated player.

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